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Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary

Evangelists who convey the gospel of human liberation, pastor who brings healing of the soul

Although the economy and science and technology have developed wonderfully, it is a world that can not be realized that each and every human being became happy. Rather, the sum of people weakened, the number of people who suffered from the heart has increased, and the purpose of life is difficult to see. Love is cold, hope is getting uncertain. Even religion is an era that can be seen with stinging eyes. That is why I want to look deeply at human beings, in front of the absolute god, in the light, to listen to God's word to regain true humanity. Prayers and storytellers are necessary so that love and compassion, righteousness and peace will be added to this world, so that we can release ourselves from the crime of eroding human beings and restore the joyful freshness to the soul. The seminary will train pastors for that purpose.

Standing firm on the tradition of religious reform

Founded in 1909 (Meiji 42) in order to train evangelists and pastors of the Lutheran church which draws on the religious reformer Martin Luther (Luther) faith and the flow of theology. The slogan of religious reform "only faith, only grace, only the Bible" is the motto of the seminary. Learn the Bible in the original language Hebrew, Greek deeply, stand on a solid evangelical theology, and aim to cultivate a solid and useful practical ability at the church site.

Various God Students

There are not only young people who go on to school from ルーテル学院大学 Christianity Department, but also people coming straight from other universities to seminary school, a wide range of age groups who are going through a variety of social experience and seeking a second life There are people. Both men and women, both single and married, people with various backgrounds and conditions are studying at a four-year seminary.

Japanese Lutheran Theological Seminary is such a school

A seminary with a long tradition of 100 years founded next year. It is an educational institution that receives training for finishing to become a pastor / evangelist as a professional in parallel for the first two years with a four-year college ( ルーテル学院大学 · department of theology), and further over two years. Although it will be various schools on the system, we are striving to be equal to the master's degree at the academic level there, and when we graduate abroad our college graduates actually are M. Div. (Master of · Divinity, Master of Theology) You can proceed to doctoral course regarded as equal to completion.

School overview

The founding mother is Luther (Lutheran) church, the source of Christian Protestant, Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church and Japan Lutheran Culture. Theological education in the form of a cram school that both churches began to train pastors and evangelists working in the church is the occasion. Together with ルーテル学院大学 is operated by the school corporation Lutheran College, it is a coherent education for 4 years with a part of green Musashino, where you acquire faith, academics and expertise as a spiritual leader of the church.

Mr. Togo Murano awarded the School District · Medal of Culture of 7 thousand tsubo A school building designed · Community living dormitories are shared with universities.

Currently 14 students in FY2014 are all 14 men. The principal is Professor Shiro Ishii (concurrently serving as a faculty professor).

Education content

For two more years after completing the basic theology education equivalent to the undergraduate level 2 years, in the last two years, we aim at more practical training and learning of more advanced theology, comprehension of academics and practice.

In addition to the credits of 34 credits, graduation thesis (master thesis level) and missionary training (7 months) will be imposed.

Specifically, in the sermon exercises as a comprehensive body of Biblical studies and preacherology, first of all, they excerpt from the Bible text of the original language (Greek, Hebrew), preach in actual church worship, and also accompany the pastor I will review it severely.

In the fall of the second year, under clinical pastoral education (CPE) under the guidance of experts at hospitals etc. for 10 weeks, formation of personality suitable for pastor / evangelist and assistance to others I will learn the actual facts experientially.

In the seventh month from the middle of July in the third year to the middle of February of the following year, we will take care of one of the churches in various parts of the country and carefully conduct missionary training at that church. It is practical training while receiving guidance and advice from pastors and faithful.

Besides that, it goes without saying that you will learn the subjects of theological fields including theological exercises. There is a graduation thesis which studies and themes studied themselves while receiving the guidance carefully over a year and a half to the most finishing thing.

Worship · Faith training

However, it is a seminary seminary. The center of school life is everyday worship, prayer of morning and evening. In the community, we are deepening our faith in Christ while receiving dedication to dedicate ourselves to evangelizing the gospel.

1. Eligibility for entrance and transfer studies and qualification

1st year admission capacity: 10 people

  • Those who graduated from university (including prospects)
  • Those who have lived in the church for three years or more after receiving the washing, those who have recommendations of the Japanese Evangelical Lutheran Church or the pastor of the Japanese Lutheran Church and the church

2nd year entrance capacity: a few people

  • In addition to the above, those who have taken certain units at other theological institutions (details are consulted individually)

2. Exam

<First year enrollment>

An essay on your vocation, including biblical and faith background (submitted at the time of filing), interview * Biblical examination is about biblical knowledge

<2nd year entrance>

An essay on your vocation including biblical, English, elective subjects, faith background (submitted at the time of filing), interview * Biblical examination will be conducted on the old New Testament ※ Optional subjects are selected from the history of church, doctrine, Christian ethics 1 subject selected beforehand by the applicant

3. Application Procedure

(1) Documents required

  1. Application for admission
  2. Resume (education, work experience)
  3. Academic transcript of the last graduate school
  4. An essay on your vocation including faith history (A4 version 1 page, 1,200 characters × 5 pieces)
  5. A letter of recommendation by the pastor and the board of directors of your church (the recommender is strictly sealed)
  6. * Person who is currently living a church life in a place far from mother church, to submit two letters together with the pastor's recommendation letter of that church.
  7. Two mailing address labels (those who specified the contact information of the person himself / herself)
  8. Copy of deposit receipt

※ 1, 2, 5, 6 follow the format specified by our university.

(2) Application period

  • Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - Tuesday, January 17
  • In case of mailing Postmarked on the day Effective
  • In case of bringing in Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - Tuesday, January 17
  • Reception hours only from 9 o'clock to 16:30

※ However, we do not accept Saturdays and Sundays from 11:45 to 12:45 on weekdays (lunch break)

(3) Submit to

Japan Lutheran Theological Entry Admission Office (Trinity Hall 1F General Office)

(4) Entrance examination fee

35,000 yen (bank transfer)
Transfer place Mizuho Bank Mitaka branch savings account 0818834
Account name school corporation Lutheran Academy (Change receipt to payment receipt)

* However, for entrance examination fee, ルーテル学院大学 graduates and students (prospective graduates) are exempted.

4. Exam date, release date and enrollment procedure

(1) Test date

February 13, 2017 (Monday) Department of Examination Atomi University

<First year enrollment>

<2nd year entrance>

February 14, 2017 (Tuesday) Interview Examination: University College

10: 00 ~ All students
※ Since the interview start time may be accelerated depending on the number of students, please check with the admission ticket.

(2) Announcement passed

February 14, 2017 (Tue) 3 pm (Trinity Hall first floor seminar bulletin board)
※ Notice of acceptance and admission procedure documents will be shipped by express delivery on the 15th day the next day.

(3) Admission Procedure Period

Friday, February 17, 2017 - February 27 (Monday) Postmarked effective

5. Student payment etc.

(1) Student payment is as follows.

Enrollment fee 100,000 yen (at the time of admission) Tuition fee 800,000 yen (year)
Equipment cost 80,000 yen (annual) Facility fee 100,000 yen (at the time of admission)
Total 1,080,000 yen
※ In addition to this, 10,000 yen for student membership fee (for 4 years) and 530 yen per year as disaster insurance premium while studying abroad are required. For details, contact at the admission procedure.

(2) ルーテル学院大学 Graduates and prospective graduates, as well as current students, are exempt from enrollment fee.

(3) Those who take courses at the university are treated as university students, such as subjects, and their fee is exempted. However, guidance fee for church music practical skills, computer related subjects, etc., as well as expenses required for special programs such as overseas training etc., will be collected separately by registering the course.

(4) For student membership fee, refunds generated according to the transferring grade will be refunded after enrollment.

(5) Those who have passed the entrance examination and who wish to decline admission after paying the student payment, please contact the entrance examination office by 17:00 on March 31, 2017 and perform the necessary procedures. After the procedure, we will refund student payment and procedure documents excluding entrance fee.

6. Church scholarship (Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church · Japan Lutheran Church)

(1) Evangelical Lutheran Church Seminary School Board of Education In April, when it was recognized as a teaching petition god student of the church and the lease of the scholarship was decided, students who exclude enrollment fee up to 1.2 million yen per year Payment, lending based on application for scholarship due to dormitory fee / dormitory fee. For Phase II (3-4 years old), we also lend a meal cost of 360,000 yen a year. However, scholarships (excluding food expenses) loaned in Phase II are exempted from refunds in accordance with the number of years of service as teaching staff, and are exempted in full for 15 years or more in office. Any person who is planning to apply for this scholarship recipient and who can not pay the student payment excluding the enrollment fee among the student payment of the above 5- (1) We will submit "Student payment deferred payment / payment application" in a prescribed format.

(2) Scholarships equivalent to the school expenses, dormitory expenses, and food expenses equivalent to seminary schools will be paid if recognized by the Lutheran Theological Board of Education by the Lutheran Theological Board of Education.

7. Student dormitory

(1) JELC God students (male and female), NRK girls god students are in principle supposed to enter the dormitory of God students [Luther dorm (men's dormitory), Margaret house (girls dorm)]]. In case of special circumstances, offering to the JELC Theological Board of Education.

(2) NRK boys school student enters Luther House (Fuchu city) under the guidance of NRK Theological Board of Education (However, in the first half of 2017 he entered the Luther dormitory).

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About the School

The mission of this school is to train persons who "serve God and the world in the spirit of Christ" through "instruction which values each and every individual."

The mission of this school is to train persons who "serve God and the world in the spirit of Christ" through "instruction which values each and every individual." Read less