Developing an effective Teachers of English as a New Language program, or ENL, begins with a statement of purpose. The values and philosophies of holistic education allows Sappo to present an educational philosophy program and a practical approach to ENL instruction. The Sappo program aligns with an internationalist world view that embraces a learner-centered methodology. This methodology embraces the value of cultural relevance and individual experience, which is self-evident in lessons. Sappo’s International Student Education encompasses the realization that citizens of the world have more similarities than differences, and long-term mutual interests are as valuable as short-term individual needs. This theory is logically difficult to deny, appeals intuitively, and is in direct opposition to isolationist orientation. The international student is viewed as a valuable social and intellectual asset, and the Sappo program is designed to enhance and accommodate each student throughout the acculturative process. This leads to enriched academic development and a successful future. The rapid influx of international students to the west has raised ethical concerns throughout the higher education community, as seen across media and literature review. For example, many Chinese students are not taught how to communicate adequately and navigate through the professional, competitive professional world. This lack of preparation puts them in line with low-level jobs. The Sappo ENL program is designed to combat these issues found in most classroom settings by immersing international students in a supportive Holistic setting. This setting offers extensive benefits to the international student, including:

  • Social learning
  • Social/emotional congruence
  • Emphasis on well-being
  • Meeting a direct goal of normalizing a secure cultural acclimation

New York State Education Department Standards are met within our program to ensure high standards of learning. Sappo adds lessons that are taught with the workings of the brain in mind, allowing rapid language acquisition to speed up a normally slower process. The Sappo ENL curriculum is divided into three focus areas which serve to accelerate the educative and social profile of the international young people that study in the United States. The three educative realms are existent in the curriculum-based lesson plans.

  • Acceptance and Acknowledgement
  • Academic Rigor
  • Acculturative Focus

The Sappo ENL program fully prepares the international student for realistic and meaningful goals using high Regents standards that prevent watering down the academic process. Added to the brain activities and Sappo Strategies, Sappo students can come out ahead when competing for colleges and careers in the fast-paced world.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)
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Sep 2020
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