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Program Description

College Programme

Your Stepping Stone

The ITM program has stayed loyal to its past practices of success by focusing on strong practical exposure and experience combined with theoretical knowledge. This is what makes our students ready for work from day one. Our Alumni swear the hands-on approach supported their entry and subsequent growth in their professions.

Short-Track Entry for HLW/HLT/HLF for Professionals

You are qualified with a hospitality/tourism school certificate from the EU. You have an A2 or B1 in German, French or Spanish.

We can offer you a lighter study structure with entry into advanced language study, so you would be studying with Year 2 students and gain the benefit of advancing beyond your current status.

If you have a professional qualification in Accounting, Management Accounting, Marketing, Business or Economics, we can also offer you a lighter study path. You can take the internal and end of year exams to ensure your study levels are in equity with ITM standards.

Since we are registered as a school with the Landesschulrat (LSR) we cannot offer accreditation of prior learning, but we can support your potential to grow further.

1st Study Year


English is widely spoken globally and is the key to your international success and the most spoken language worldwide! Perfect English language skills in written and conversation is a must have in the hotel and tourism field all over the world. For these reasons, the ITM College programme is run in English language: all courses are taught in English and in addition, students have to attend compulsory English language classes which prepares them for assignment, report and project writing skills besides professional presentation and communication.

As foreign languages are highly important in the tourism and leisure industries our students can choose from a variety of language classes. ITM offers courses in:

  • German (compulsory)
  • French (in addition to German)
  • Spanish (in addition to German)

Tourism and Hotel Management

Whether you dream of having your own trendy bistro, organising tours or becoming a general manager at an international hotel chain - study hotel and tourism management and acquire the skills and competences for your entrepreneurial dream!

As the ITM College prepares students for an international career in the hotel and tourism area, this is the focus of the ITM curriculum.

Students explore the world of Hotel Management in the following courses: Hotel & Banquet Management, Restaurant Management, Practical Food Production, Nutrition & Dietary Trends and Wine Course. The field of Tourism and Leisure is covered in the courses Travel and Tourism, Tourism Management and Travel Agency Management.

The practical work experience in the College Garden Hotel allows students to apply the theory acquired in class in the hotel operations.

Finance and Business Op

ITM College has the potential to give students the necessary skills and impetus to build on careers that begin in hospitality and tourism and take off into a new and innovative entrepreneurial venture.

The students gain a professional understanding of how hotel and tourism organisations integrate business functions and focus on specific departmental responsibilities as well as cross-functional management skills. The content of the courses ranges from Business Administration, Accounting & Controlling to Economics, Marketing, Law and IT & software skills.

13 weeks internship

Hands-on-experience in the industry

After the 2nd semester, students have to undertake a 13 weeks internship. The place of internship is preferably in Austria, to ensure students have the maximum exposure to the industry in Austria.

Students sign a valid contract for their internship experience with ITM and the employer. ITM takes care the internship is a valid experience for the student and meets the requirements of the contract. ITM has appropriate documentation that is to be completed by the student during this period and the employer to evaluate the training outcomes.

On-site visits from the ITM faculty ensure that the student is on par with the workplace requirements and completes the internship as per the guidelines and structure set by the school.

2nd Study Year

Tourism and Hotel Management

Event & Congress Management

The course trains to become a professional event planner. It covers important aspects of event planning - including conceptualising, planning, organising and finally executing an event. It will teach the student how to market an event, advertise it, generate interest, and attract participants.

Tourism and Hotel Management/Operations

Students gain a solid foundation for mid-level management positions in the hotel and tourism industry. The diploma equips graduates with an in-depth understanding of the operational and managerial aspects of the hospitality and tourism industries. The wine education provides the knowledge and skills in the area of beverage management, wine service and Austrian wine culture.

Wellness & Spa Management

Students develop business organisation and marketing skills customised for the wellness and spa industry, and are thoroughly trained in health, customer orientation and service. Students gain a basic understanding of medical fundamentals, nutrition, therapies and products.

IELTS English Certificate

Admission requirement for international studies

In cooperation with the British Council

The ITM College prepares students for a smooth transfer to international bachelor studies by integrating the preparation for the IELTS test into our study programme. Our English language course prepares students for their IELTS certification, a mandatory requirement for further study in almost all international universities.



  • Austrian State certificate after every successful study year
  • Title "Hotelkaufmann/Hotelkauffrau“ (state certified hotel manager)
  • Substitute of the "Unternehmerprüfung" (entrepreneur licence)
  • Substitute of the qualifying examination for the regularised areas
  • Hotel/Restaurant: License directly after receiving the diploma
  • Travel Agency: License after diploma + 1,5years practical work
  • 30 points for the Austrian "Rot-Weiss-Rot"-Card (Resident Card)

Educational Concept

Quality Assurance

Having the status of a privately run college our study programme is officially accredited and controlled by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education.

Hands-on & Academic

After the 2nd semester, students have to undertake a 13weeks practical training. During this training, the students get a deep insight into the organization of hotel or tourism-related enterprises and have the possibility to earn valuable experience for their future careers.While studying at ITM, students gain insight into the hotel operations of the College Garden Hotel and thus into the real working life of a hard-core successful enterprise. Hands-on learning, on-the-job training and professional development prepare our students for their future employment. Excursions to Vienna´s leading hotels help students to develop ideas and to get inspired for their own professional future.


Internationality is not just taught at the ITM College, it is lived. Students from all over the world create a dynamic, global and multicultural atmosphere on the campus. The ITM faculty is proud of over 1600 graduates from 96 different nations. We are a mini version of the UN family!

English is the Key to Success

English is the language of the modern world and the most spoken language worldwide - much needed in the tourism and hotel field. As a professional in this area, you will communicate with people from all over the world. English is still the most preferred language of communication in the world so perfect English language skills will boost your international career!

Individual Consulting

Small student numbers allow the ITM family to take individual care of each student. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Therefore, ITM focuses on a very social and emotional education process where students come first. Our low student-to-faculty ratio enables you to study in a small class environment, work one-on-one with experienced faculty members, and maintain close professional ties throughout your career.


To apply please, fill in the application form and send it back to us per email or post, together with the following documents:

  • secondary school leaving certificate
  • birth certificate
  • curriculum vitae
  • motivation letter 300 - 500 words (English)
  • copy of passport
  • 2 recent passport photos

Applications are proofed by the ITM admissions committee on the basis of the application requirements. Besides the minimum requirements, the application will be evaluated by:

  • Work experience (certificates and letters of reference of past employers)
  • Academic background: additional education, post-secondary certificates
  • Study periods or university degrees
  • Any other tourism-related education

Study Places: 26 per year

Last updated Nov 2018

About the School

ITM College was founded in 1986 as the first privately run college for tourism and management in Austria with English as the language of instruction.

ITM College was founded in 1986 as the first privately run college for tourism and management in Austria with English as the language of instruction. Read less