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Proud and ambitious, down-to-earth and friendly, we offer a high-level learning experience that is rooted in a rich educational heritage at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE). Our facu ... Read More

Proud and ambitious, down-to-earth and friendly, we offer a high-level learning experience that is rooted in a rich educational heritage at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE). Our faculties are leaders in research and innovation, and teachers could have countless opportunities for skills development.Under the leadership of Jiangxi Province and the Ministry of Finance of China, as well as the Ministry of Education of China, the focus of JUFE is on turning enthusiasm into achieving the highest levels of merit in transmitting knowledge and understanding. After 90 years of development, there are 21 teaching and research institutes in JUFE, including 20 schools and 1 independent college, which delivery of 49 undergraduate programs, 103 postgraduate programs, 30 doctoral programs and 5 postdoctoral programs. Currently, more than 40,000 students are enrolled in these programs. There are 1,438 instructors, including 504 PhDs, 246 professors, 431 associate professors and 69 doctoral supervisors. Our University is a comprehensive institution of higher learning, focusing on economics and business, as well as the disciplines of law, humanities and soon on.JUFE has established intercollegiate relationships with more than 85 related universities and institutions from 20 countries and regions worldwide. JUFE conducts Sino-Foreign joint MBA projects with the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), U.S.A. and with the University of South Australia (UniSA), Australia. It offers our students and teachers added strength in the quality and caliber of our partner universities. Our Study Abroad programs at the University offer you the exciting opportunity to experience life in a different country as part of your degree. JUFE has been very active in promoting and carrying out exchange programs with institutions from Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, U.S.A. and South Korea. There are degree programs offered with the collaboration of overseas institutions as “2+2”, “3+1”, “3+2” and “4+1”. JUFE also sends a large number of students to study in our partner institutions and has received exchange students from other institutions each year since 1999. Moreover, being a member of the ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) network, JUFE offers a wide range of options for students to be exchanged. Most of these students who successfully complete the exchange programs are greatly sought after by employers in China or further their study at top universities around the world. JUFE is further committed to remaining a leading contributor to the economic development of Jiangxi Province and to the globalization of China's higher education. As a result, JUFE graduates have a solid mastery of knowledge with a global perspective. Today, we offer much more than a degree. Through a variety of programs that enhance individual development, JUFE prepares our graduates with the tools and knowledge that are required to participate in a rapidly challenging world economy. JUFE is committed to retaining the 4 pillars of fidelity, excellence, integrity, and dedication, which form the university motto. It encourages our students and teachers to think critically and creatively – cultivating the independent minds of the future. Read less
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