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Program Description

2+2 Model

IHC prepares students during two years of study in Dubai for transfer to top-tier educational programs in the United States, India, Thailand, and around the world. Preparation starts in the Freshman year at IHC, when students work with academic counselors to develop a tailor-made Academic Plan. Each students Academic Plan is based on an individuals natural aptitudes, personal goals, and career interests. IHC provides a customized international educational 2-year experience in the Liberal Arts providing students pathways to rewarding careers in Business, Education, Engineering, International Relations, IT, Law, Management, Public Policy, and Sciences.

Transfer to the US:

After successful completion of the first two years at IHC, students have the option to transfer into a variety of rewarding programs at Rutgers, the University of Vermont, the California State University System, and other top universities in the United States.

Transfer to India:

As part of its vision to create pathways to elite universities in the region, IHC has partnered with Symbiosis International University, India. SIU and IHC have developed a system for transfer of academic credits for undergraduate courses in Business, Arts Humanities and Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Science (engineering) offered at their respective institutions. IHC Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in any IHC course for the course to be accepted for transfer credit to SIU.


International Horizons College offers 2+2 pathway programs in business

The undergraduate courses will provide you with a firm foundation in the principles of business and commerce. The programs have been designed to bridge the gap between academic theory and workplace practice to help you succeed in your chosen career.

In a class of highly motivated individuals with a track record of achievement and supportive faculty who are leaders in their fields, you will be challenged and stretched to unlock your potential. We will transform how you think about the world and yourself.


  • Accounting Actuarial Science Advertising
  • Banking and Finance Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Care and Systems Management International Relations
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Public Administration Public Relations Sales and Service



  • Anthropology
  • Dance and Theatre Arts Early Childhood Education Fine Arts
  • Family and Consumer Studies Graphic and Interior Design International Relations Journalism & Communications
  • Music & Music Education Social Work & Human Services Criminology & Law Foreign Languages
  • (Arabic, Chinese, French, etc.)
  • Art and Art Education Education
  • English
  • Film and Television Geography
  • History Pre-law
  • Political science Psychology Sociology


International Horizons College offers 2+2 pathway programs in Science/Engineering

At IHC, a Science pathway is one of the most popular bachelor degree programs among students. The program is designed in such a way that it instills a scientific spirit and scientific approach in the student to solve any kind of problems. The chief objective of the program is to understand the scientific basis, scientific principles and the mechanics of that field.

The popularity of the program is due to its focus in dealing with the subject area. It prepares the student to have a strong understanding all basic principles and methods that can be used in any situation, and the benefits of scientific reasoning, experimentation and critical thinking for resolving any complex problems at work.

The knowledge base that is built during this program makes it easier for the students to go into the depths of learning in a particular field of specialization, and achieve a mastery over that field. It not only helps to prepare for the Master’s degree program or other such higher degree course, but it also helps to gain admission to such a course.

Last updated Nov 2017

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International Horizons College is licensed and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). The college is an independent and international undergraduate instit ... Read More

International Horizons College is licensed and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). The college is an independent and international undergraduate institution committed to fulfilling high standards of academic excellence and relevancy to the 21st century. Read less