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Interior and Spatial Design is about enhancing spatial environments through a proper use of ergonomy, materials and light, in order to improve the sense of comfort, quality and safety for its users. This new and growing field creatively combines cultural and social awareness, economic responsibility and technical insight.

The Fall Semester in Interior and Spatial Design focuses on projects that address contemporary themes such as sustainability, identity and the repurposing of buildings. Through this program you will analyse and interpret existing or new sites and conditions to build a sense of place; you will learn to add identity to spatial environments to enhance interaction with it’s users on an emotional level.

Schedule:  Lessons run from Monday to Friday morning and/or afternoon. 

Level and prerequisites:  This course is especially oriented towards high school graduates and university students or professionals from other areas of study, wishing to learn the fundamentals of interior and spatial design.

Methodology and structure: This education path introduces you to the design process and design thinking, teaching you the fundamental design skills, theories, methods, and processes through its combination of lectures, workshops as well as visits.

Thanks to the skills acquired you will be able to develop projects connected with different fields, such as residential, exhibit and restaurants.

During the workshops you will take in consideration three main elements: the space at your disposal, the brand and its image and values, the user and his needs. You will work both on the aesthetic aspects as well as toward producing ‘sensations’, taking on-board demands of physical wellbeing in order to offer clients new and innovative experiences.

The visits to the main events such as MADE (Architecture and Building Show), Architecture@work ( Milan ) and SAIE-International Building Exhibition ( Bologna ) will be a rich resource of knowledge on traditional and innovative materials, as well as cultural enrichment and inspiration for the final projects.

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The cradle of design and industry. IED owes its establishment in 1966 to the intuition of its President Francesco Morelli.

The cradle of design and industry. IED owes its establishment in 1966 to the intuition of its President Francesco Morelli. Read less
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