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This short course will guide participants through the ultimate fashion trends in contemporary interior design. It encompasses the definition of a style through the furnishing of a retail space or a hotel, helping participants to improve their aesthetic sense and skills in décor. This course will challenge participants’ ability to interpret the world of interiors and home collection, their use of complementary styles, colors, and lighting effects via a vocational approach to learning.

Week 1

Participants are introduced to the planning of an interior design space through an analysis of contemporary trends in the industry, and to the use of modern project planning presentation techniques. They gain an understanding of which styles and aesthetic languages are more appropriate for fashion trend luxury housing, and how the use of creatively researched elements and images elaborate a concept.

Week 2

Participants work on the creation of a project for an interior space with an analysis of the materials to be used, highlighting appropriate color schemes to create harmony for a contemporary ambiance. They will gain an overview of design products on trend, together with an understanding of the evolution in contemporary home collections. Analysis of furnishing and lighting further assists in understanding the importance of aesthetic perception and style applied to the interior design space.

Week 3

In the final week, participants further explore lighting design solutions used to create unique and atmospheric spaces. They will aim to create a final design proposal that defines each aspect of the project process based on an understanding of the concept of global luxury lifestyle. The proposal will be the culmination of the first two weeks of action with the presentation of a final interior project layout, supported by visual research.

Travel and experience key fashion business capitals. This unique experience will give participants a truly international insight into the European approach to creativity and the business of fashion. The diverse cultural histories of the different fashion capitals give each city its own individual take on the global fashion industry. Diverse cultural and historical influences combined with new consumer trends and emerging markets gives each city its own individual slant on the global fashion industry while also producing key strengths; London on design concept and inspiration, Paris on business, Milano on styling, and an optional fourth week in Firenze on menswear, fashion, and art, in Shanghai looking at the future fashion economy, or alternatively in Miami USA, investigating the phenomena of street style, leisurewear and luxury. In each city, participants will have the opportunity to develop a creative project related to a subject specialty. During the course opportunities to visit internationally acclaimed fashion shows and exhibitions are offered, where possible.

* Avocational short courses are not licensed by the Commission for Independent Education. These avocational short courses are not intended for employment purposes.

Last updated February 2019

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The Design District, one of Miami’s most uplifting areas, has over the last few decades risen to worldwide fame as a prime destination for arts, design and fashion. Once part of Buena Vista and neighb ... Read More

The Design District, one of Miami’s most uplifting areas, has over the last few decades risen to worldwide fame as a prime destination for arts, design and fashion. Once part of Buena Vista and neighbouring Wynwood and the Upper East Side areas, the District is now home to over 130 art galleries, top edge creative and architectural showrooms, luxury fashion houses, antique dealers, restaurants and cafés. Read less