Interior Design Course

NAD - Nuova Accademia del Design

Program Description

Interior Design Course

NAD - Nuova Accademia del Design

The objective of the course in Interior Design is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to enter the world of interior design, to understand the role of the profession of Interior Designer as well as the skills and responsibilities. This profession is not yet formally recognized, like many other categories that revolve around the world of art and creativity. As a result, it is increasingly required for its specific expertise and technical design ability.

The end customer wants to buy what he sees and the interior designer must interpret these needs and transform them into final works that most closely match the wishes of the client.


The course is open to all although it is preferable to have a minimum knowledge of using PC with Windows or Mac operating system.


Our Interior Design courses are structured so that the student can learn and practice the theory during the same lesson, applying the formula of 3 + 2, or three hours of theoretical training and two hours of practical realization. Students thus have the opportunity to structured attend courses according to the latest teaching methods of "learning by doing", which is a balanced mix between theoretical and practical training on the project,materials and decor.

Being an Interior Designer means to design the interior spaces, know how to organize the rooms according to the needs of the client, choose and arrange the furniture, choose the colors and the most appropriate materials.

The Interior Design I course, is also open to people who have never had experience in the industry and provides them with the tools to create project designs:

  • freehand life drawing
  • geometric design
  • drawing and relief through dimension

The Interior Design course also addresses the disciplines that constitute the foundations for an interior designer: the history of furniture with a historical overview from the Baroque to the present day which is intended to deepen the most important and significant projects from the 20s up to the current day trends. The course also cover color design and choice of materials, which are considered as the most important areas for the success of a project today.

Students will be introduced to AutoCAD ® software which is used to create technical drawings on the computer as well as the ArredoCAD rendering program, which is an essential and specific tool for the realization of rendering realistic plans.

All these subjects will then be applied with concrete project experience with the support of specific representation techniques which will enable optimal structuring of the final plans which is the final stage of training. It will be carried out ex-tempore tutorial which is aimed at learning the basics of technical drawing on paper and annual exercise support, which will be the subject of examination, to be carried out with autoCAD and ArredoCAD software.

Program of the course

1. Technical drawing and relief. How to read the project drawings

  • The project of residential (kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom)
  • Project of an apartment. Study of space and furnishings.
  • AutoCAD 2D and 3D ArredoCAD
  • Design history. From Baroque to the present day
  • References to sales techniques and management of the customer and supplier. Budget analysis.
  • Furnishing materials
  • Colour technique.
  • Image education. How to read and interpret the photographs of magazines.

2. Feng Shui Module (10 hours)
3. Luxury Living Module (10 hours)
4. Lighting Module (10 hours)
5. Plant Module (5 hours)
6. Project Review Form (10 hours)


Arch. Marta Paganotto: Interior Design teacher
Arch. Riccado Jewels: Professor of Lighting
Eng. Francesca Poli: Professor of Plant
Arch. Pierfrancesco Ros: Feng Shui
Roberto Conato teacher: Luxury Living
Arch. Emanuela Brunelli: Assistant auditor

How to register

To register please complete the inquiry form.

Lessons in the classroom or online course

The course can also be followed online in an interactive video conference simultaneously with the lesson in the classroom, thanks to the technical support provided by the Academy. This practice allows you to participate in the lesson and interact with the teacher and classmates without the burden of the trip.

Finale examination and certificate

The course of study ends with a test prepared by the team of trainers aimed at assessing the student's skills. After the examination and verification of the work done during the duration of the course will be awarded a certificate of specialization by a vote of thirty, in accordance with current legislation, which certifies the skills acquired and their marketability in the workforce to European level.

The Certificate of Competence NAD Professional - New Academy of Design will improve your Curriculum Vitae area that is dedicated to "personal skills" and "awards and certificates" and will allow the insertion in the labor world with a complete and highly sought after specialization.

Professional outcomes

The specialization obtained during the course allows you to have several job opportunities as a designer

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Oct. 2017
Italy - Verona
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