This intensive Spanish course consists of 20 Spanish classes per week plus an additional 5 cultural and conversation workshops. Learn quickly and effectively, improve your fluency and communicate in Spanish with confidence.

Who is this Program Designed for

Students who start an Intensive Plus course seek to learn Spanish and improve their level in little time, wanting to make the most of the classes by participating in them. In addition, they have a special interest in conversation classes because their goal is to communicate and speak Spanish every day.

Thanks to the smaller groups each student can actively participate and remain engaged in class. Teachers can respond to the students’ needs if they have any questions and allow the students to share what they have learned with their classmates.

What to Expect

This course is perfect for you to improve your level of Spanish quickly and, especially, to assure your conversational fluency. In addition to the intensive Spanish classes, which will help you develop your level in a short time, the culture and conversation workshops are a fun and entertaining way to interact with your classmates and delve into the Spanish culture.

And, if you still want more, we give you ideas to complement your course: add private lessons, a specialization in business Spanish or specific lessons to pass the DELE exam.

This program is offered in all of our locations in Spain and most destinations in Latin America.

Listening Skills

Listening comprehension is one of the hardest skills to develop in language learning. This program is oriented to help you acquire techniques and strategies to increase your listening comprehension.

Reading Skills

We show you how to adjust your reading behavior to deal with a variety of situations, types of input and reading purposes. You will develop a set of reading strategies for each situation.

Speaking Skills

No matter what your ability, we work to help you develop the level-appropriate speaking skills so you can communicate verbally with fellow students, your professors, and locals.

Writing Skills

Writing is a great way to practice thinking and communicating in Spanish. With a little time and effort and the correct mechanisms taught by your teachers, you’ll be able to write fluently in no time.

Vocabulary Skills

In class you will always be challenged to widen your vocabulary and learn to express yourself with more precision, searching for new words that capture a particular feeling or situation perfectly.

Grammar Skills

You will learn how to construct sentences and paragraphs in a clear, precise way. Learning grammar will help you structure Spanish correctly.

Extras to complete your program

  • Weekly DELE Preparation lessons
  • Private lessons and semi-private lessons
  • Private online lessons
  • Spanish and sightseeing lessons
  • Internship (minimum 8 weeks)
  • Experience Spanish Fiestas
  • Spanish Culture Classes
Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated May 10, 2019
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- 1 to 4 weeks: 189€ per week. 5 to 11 weeks: 179€ per week. 12 to 31 weeks: 169€ per week. +32 weeks: 159€ per week.
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