Intensive 30 & Intensive 20

The Intensive 30 Course is with 30 classes per week our most immersive Course. It focuses on acquiring the highest level of Conversational or Business Chinese, at the same time preparing the student to pass the Chinese HSK exam.

Compared to the Intensive 20 Course the Intensive 30 Course allows for two additional afternoon classes per day in which what has been learned in the morning is being practiced in an effective yet fun way in the afternoon. Apart from that, the Intensive 30 course includes a Friday afternoon out of class Activity: we take the students outside where they can practice their Mandarin in the real world. Class size is small with a maximum of 8 students.

The Intensive Courses are best suited for those who:

•want to acquire a deep knowledge of Mandarin in all its aspects listening, speaking, reading and writing;

•want to learn Mandarin fast and to the fullest;

•prefer to review and practice in the classroom rather than only at home.


Our teaching methodology is what differentiates us from other schools. It makes our students learn FASTER and with FUN. Especially our groundbreaking Slow Motion Technique is highly popular with our students as it teaches them Mandarin with just ONE rule instead of dozens and which student wouldn’t love that? Have a look yourself on the videos tab!


In the classroom, we use a package of in-house developed tools to help you understand, memorize and use the Chinese language. Among others, our powerpoint presentations, shown on a big screen, visualize Chinese grammar constructions and Chinese structures. We use Talking Flashcards to help you to learn the Chinese Characters and provide you with an App to do your homework.

Pass HSK exam at the same time

2 IN 1, that is our curriculum to teach you Conversational Chinese / HSK. With this curriculum, we provide 2 Results in 1 Course. You will learn daily life Conversational Chinese and (for those who want it) have the option to pass HSK exams at the same time. Indeed, following our curriculum, no additional HSK Preparation classes are needed, you might want to take the HSK exam, which saves you both time and money.

2 PLUS 1, that is our curriculum to teach you Business Chinese/BCT. As a basis for our Business Chinese teaching we use our Conversational/HSK Chinese teaching 2 IN 1. On top of that, we add vocabulary, structures and phrases on the following Business Chinese topics, so indeed 2 PLUS 1. Our course however, not only teaches you these typical business-related topics but also gives you insight into Chinese business culture, manners and etiquette, which is of paramount importance when doing business in China.


"Over the last few years, I have tried over 5 different Mandarin schools and found that Silk Mandarin is by far the best. What I find interesting about Silk Mandarin is that they seek to constantly improve their teaching methodology, something very different from any other Mandarin school I have encountered so far. The teachers and the management are all extremely involved and passionate about teaching Chinese: it really is something special. After two years of Silk Mandarin part-time studies and no prior experience of studying Mandarin, I am now about to start with HSK5 classes. I would not have expected to improve my Mandarin this quick. This school is really something special and I have (successfully) recommended it to many friends in Shanghai who are now also fixed customers."

Daniel - Netherlands

"I started studying Chinese at Silk Mandarin after two of my friends with excellent Chinese highly recommended them. I had already lived in China for 2 years while working full-time and studying (in a half-assed way) on the side and had taken 1 year of university Chinese. But I felt really inspired at Silk Mandarin that my studying was going to pay off, which energized me a lot. One great part was that I was able to dictate what I wanted to learn and what would be useful for my work and daily life. That in and of itself was great, but it's not the thing that sets Silk Mandarin apart from other schools I've gone to. Instead, the big things these guys do is teach you the logic of the language, using a very straightforward and easy to understand the method, but one that I'd never heard anything about before in university or other private schools. Once my teacher started teaching me this, so many pieces were coming together for me in terms of sentence structure and how Chinese works. I think my language was really inconsistent before and I was never sure where to put which words because I knew different rules but not a unified one. So I'd say these guys are incredibly friendly and flexible and cool, but they also really know their stuff. I'm a native English-speaking editing/writing professional who majored in lit and my Chinese teacher knows the English parts of speech better than I do-- you have to understand the language to teach it and these guys have it down :)"

Simone - USA

"Having studied in many language schools in different countries during my life gives me the confidence to say that Silk Mandarin stands out from other schools for different reasons. The foundation is made of enthusiastic and friendly people that are always encouraging our learning process; then it's noticeable how they are really motivated in making us learn through different approaches, not only by using books, but offering their own material like flashcards, talking pens, customised apps and even SMS groups to keep us constantly engaged; and finally, their openness in asking for feedback is legitimate and they will always try to improve our experience with tailored classes, according to our needs, in the best way possible."

Jess - Brazil

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated January 7, 2019
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