At Hutong School, every student has a one-on-one level assessment and study plan. Our teachers are not only distinguished by their academic achievements, but also by their interpersonal skills and devotion to teaching Mandarin Chinese.

Because personalized teaching is the key to fast and effective results, we believe in small classes for the study of Mandarin Chinese, with an average of 4 or 5 students per class. Private classes are also available.

Furthermore, our innovative teaching method, specially adapted for Western students, separates spoken Mandarin and character recognition, which has been proven to advance the pace of your language learning.

Accommodation in Shared Apartments (Optional)

Conveniently located within genuine Chinese neighborhoods in Beijing or Shanghai, your apartment is fully furnished and equipped with:

  • Western amenities (such as Western toilet, shower, microwave, etc.)
  • Phone and 24/7 Wifi broadband access
  • TV, DVD-player

All utilities included.

Online Learning (New!)

Learning does not end outside the classroom. Hutong School students get a free 6 month subscription to Skritter, the best online app for learning Chinese characters. Skritter is fully integrated into our teaching methods, allowing you to study and review characters more effectively. Students can then concentrate on more active interaction during class time, enabling boosted oral proficiency.

Skritter uses a spaced repetition algorithm to make sure you remember what you’ve learned. On average, students achieve a retention rate of over 90%. Chinese Characters begin to seem a little less daunting, don’t they?

Cultural Activities

Every week, Hutong School organizes 2 to 3 cultural activities*, covering various aspects of Chinese culture. These include: cooking classes, taichi, Chinese painting, Kung Fu shows, Chinese board games, calligraphy & painting workshops, and many more!

Every month, there are organized excursions to popular destinations outside the cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Hutong School also regularly holds business lectures on various topics with invited guest speakers.

*Extra charge for transport, food, entrance tickets or overnight stay may apply.

Community Spirit

The school welcomes students with various backgrounds from all over the world to come to China - all of whom have a common passion for China's language and culture.

Your second family away from home, in China: you’ll find a great community spirit and develop unforgettable memories here.

All-inclusive Package

We offer you an all-inclusive service, taking care of all the essentials so that you can totally focus on your China experience. From accommodation in modern apartments, to cultural activities and excursions outside the city, airport pick-up and our 24/7 emergency support line, we spare no effort to guarantee your smooth stay and make your adventure in China truly unforgettable.

Unique locations

Held in one of our beautiful schools in either Sanlitun, the business center of Beijing, or in the picturesque Former French Concession area in Shanghai, your Intensive Chinese Language Program offers you a truly authentic China experience.

CHINESE CLASSES: 20 hours per week

ACCOMMODATION (Optional): Includes all fees for gas, water, electricity, ADSL Internet, heating, telephone (except long distance calls)

ONLINE LEARNING: 6 month subscription to Skritter, the best online app for learning Chinese characters.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: such as assistance with Chinese visa application, registration in China, travel inquiries, ticket booking, etc.


  • Choose your length of stay: from two weeks to 1 year or longer
  • Learn Chinese at all levels: from absolute beginners to advanced and specialized courses (business, diplomatic, etc.)
  • All year round applications: Chinese programs start at the beginning of every month
  • All ages: we accept students of 16 years and above
  • Study in Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou, the choice is up to you

Program Starting Dates 2014

(Beginner level, non-beginners can start anytime.)

  • 2 Jan. 2017
  • 6 Feb. 2017
  • 6 Mar. 2017
  • 10 Apr. 2017
  • 8 May. 2017
  • 5 Jun. 2017
  • 3 Jul. 2017
  • 31 Jul. 2017
  • 4 Sep. 2017
  • 9 Oct. 2017
  • 6 Nov. 2017
  • 4 Dec. 2017


The price for the Intensive Chinese Program depends on the length and city of stay. For a more accurate quote on your program price, please get in touch with us.

2 weeks

Without Accommodation

  • Price / Month: 6300 HKD
  • Total Fee: 6300 HKD

Including Accommodation

  • Price / Month: 12200 HKD
  • Total Fee: 12200 HKD

9 months

Without Accommodation

  • Price / Month: 7750 HKD
  • Total Fee: 69750 HKD

Including Accommodation

  • Price / Month: 14850 HKD
  • Total Fee: 133650 HKD

Terms of Payment: The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the primary currency and all other currency payments will be measured against the Hong Kong Dollar on the date when the applicant confirms their enrollment.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Such as assistance with Chinese visa application, registration in China, travel inquiries, ticket booking, etc. Each student will also receive a Welcome Pack with Hutong School goodies such as a bag, tshirt and cup, along with essentials including a map of the city, transport card with credit and SIM card with credit.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Chinese

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