Industrial Pattern Maker CAD Operator Course - Milan


Program Description


Using CAD systems has sensibly increased the speed and reliability of pattern making.

The industrial CAD pattern maker course will improve your skills without losing the beauty of making and placing patterns in the traditional way.

This specialization programme is specifically designed for professionals and apprentices who want to learn CAD pattern making for the textile industry.

Your Academic Journey

Things you will learn

You will learn how to use a set of software to manage the whole production process of clothing, from pattern design to manufacturing:

    • LECT, software that collects all the basic information of patterns
    • PGS to draw and develop the single parts of a pattern
    • GENMA is a consultation database of all the existing parts
    • MARKA helps to place patterns more effectively
    • PLOT WIN is a plotter controlling system
  • WINTRO manages the machines queue

Experience, work and learn

Our teaching method stimulates engagement and active learning. Students can experience and learn in an ever moving open lab, with actual projects and role-playing activities. 30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading, and studying, 70% Practice, labs, creation and presentation of personal projects, workshops.

  • 30% of Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying
  • 70% Hands-on activities, workshops, production and presentation of personal projects, workshops

Your future after the Academy

An increasing number of clothing companies and fashion houses are adopting CAD systems for pattern making, resulting in an increasing demand for industrial CAD pattern makers.

After the course, we will support you in the placement phase, by arranging internships in partner companies.

Last updated Jul 2019

About the School

Our Academy was born in the Sixties, from an idea of the Neapolitan tailor Domenico Lettieri.

Our Academy was born in the Sixties, from an idea of the Neapolitan tailor Domenico Lettieri. Read less
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