Industrial Mechanics Technology (Industrial Maintenance)


Program Description

Industrial maintenance technologists have only one goal: that the equipment works at its best. They work upstream, that is to say they intervene to prevent problems by setting up maintenance and control guides, they help to train other employees, they are valuable assets during the training. design and installation of equipment and are always looking for opportunities to improve material performance .

Of course, they can also provide diagnostics for breaks or breakdowns because they are extremely versatile , but after that they will be sure to provide advice and improvement strategies. And their versatility has no limit: hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, automation, mechanics, electricity, computers, robotics ... nothing is to their test!

What do we learn?

  • The basic principles in mathematics and physics
  • The operation of mechanisms in an industrial environment
  • Concepts of mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, robotics and metallurgy
  • Machining techniques (cutting, drilling, welding, etc.)
  • Design of drawings, diagrams and plans
  • Problem solving in industrial maintenance
  • Staff training on industrial equipment

Is this program right for you?

  • You have a marked interest in the development of technology, especially in connection with the physical sciences (mechanics, electricity, automation and robotics).
  • You like to solve problems and to explain to people how to act if this problem occurs again.
  • You have a logical mind and like to understand "how it works and how it's done".
  • You are more interested in objects as a whole than in specific operations or components.
  • You are curious and versatile, you have a hard time choosing just one area and leaving the rest aside.

" I'm versatile "

Why choose Lévis-Lauzon?

  • The only CEGEP in the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions to offer this program.
  • Learning laboratories equipped with tools and industrial machinery from the last technological revolution.
  • Learning by projects, where creativity and ingenuity are encouraged.
  • Project-synthesis related to industrial issues in the last year.
  • Internships in companies.
  • College center for technology transfer in robotics and industrial vision.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Robotics Club and various competitions.
  • Opportunity to have direct access to university studies in several engineering programs, without any particular preconditions.
  • Possibility of a study session or an internship in France.

Course Grid

Session 1

  • 109-102-MQ Physical Activity and Effectiveness
  • 601-101-MQ Writing and literature
  • COM-001-03 Complementary Course 1
  • 201-2A4-LL Mathematics in mechanics 1
  • 241-2A4-LL Introduction to Automation
  • 241-2A5-LL Industrial Mechanisms
  • 241-3A5-LL Industrial Hydraulics
  • 241-4A3-LL Maintenance Drawings 1

Session 2

  • 340-101-MQ Philosophy and Rationality
  • ANG-COM-MQ English 1
  • 201-2B3-LL Mathematics in Mechanics 2
  • 203-DSB-03 Static
  • 241-1B3-LL Maintenance Drawings 2
  • 241-3B3-LL Lubrication and Lubricants
  • 241-4B6-LL Metallurgical processes
  • 243-1B5-LL Electrical Circuits

Session 3

  • 601-102-MQ Literature and Imagination
  • ANG-PRT-MQ Technical English
  • 201-DSN-03 Mathematics in Mechanics 3
  • 203-DSC-03 Kinematics
  • 241-3C4-LL Control Circuits
  • 241-4C4-LL Industrial Pneumatics
  • 241-5B4-LL Measurement Techniques
  • 243-1C5-LL Industrial Electronics

Session 4

  • 109-101-MQ Physical activity and health
  • 340-102-MQ The human being
  • 601-103-MQ Quebec literature
  • 203-DSD-03 Dynamic
  • 241-2D6-LL Industrial Maintenance Machining
  • 241-3E5-LL Programmed automation
  • 241-6D5-LL Maintenance of Hydraulic Networks
  • 243-3D5-LL Electrical Machines

Session 5

  • 340-PPR-LL Ethics and Politics
  • 203-DSE-04 Strength of Materials
  • 241-1E6-LL Hydraulic servo
  • 241-1F5-LL Industrial Robotics
  • 241-4E5-LL Conditional Maintenance Techniques
  • 241-7E4-LL Maintenance Management I
  • 241-8E4-LL Industrial Machinery

Session 6

  • 109-103-MQ Physical Activity and Independence

Choice of 1 out of 2

  • 601-FPR-LL Literature and communication
  • 601-FTU-LL Tutoring in French
  • COM-002-03 Complementary Course 2
  • 241-1F6-LL Technical Assistance in Industrial Equipment
  • 241-5F5-LL Maintenance Management 2
  • 241-7F3-LL Analysis of hydraulic and pneumatic networks
  • 241-8F4-LL Optimization of Industrial Equipment

Trend of placement of graduates

  • A shortage of candidates.

Market requirements

  • versatility
  • English an asset
  • Variable work schedule
  • Autonomy
  • Attractive working conditions for many jobs outside the big cities

Conditions of admission

Meet the requirements for admission to college.

Have passed the following high school prerequisites:

  • Mathematics: Technico-sciences 4th or Natural Sciences 4th or Culture, Society and Technique 5th; Physics 5th
  • or Mathematics 068-526 and Physics 054-584.

Work Environments

  • aluminum smelters
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Forest Industries
  • Shipyards
  • SMEs

Investment rate and salary *

  • In related employment: 96%
  • Average initial hourly wage: $ 24.40
  • Average initial annual salary: $ 50,752

* Source: Provincial renewal of college technical training, 2016 survey

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Le Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon (CLL) est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur public offrant 31 programmes d’études de haute qualité, tant préuniversitaires que techniques.

Le Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon (CLL) est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur public offrant 31 programmes d’études de haute qualité, tant préuniversitaires que techniques. Read less