Illusionism Program


Program Description

Learn magician magic in each of their specialties

The Illusionist Program offered by the Royal University Center Escorial-María Cristina is a recognition of illusionism as one of the Fine Arts.


Holders of the Superior Degree in Illusionism of RCU Escorial-María Cristina or with the right to it.

As an exception, the course may be admitted, although without access to the title of Illusionist Grand Master, to students who have attended as listeners to the three courses of the Superior Degree in Illusionism.

The duration is one academic year. Nine weekends, one per month.

Study plans

The subjects are distributed in the following nine blocks

  • Block 1: Illusionism and Theater
  • Block 2: Admiistrative / Business Aspects of the Activity
  • Block 3: Social Applications of Illusionism: Therapeutic Magic
  • Block 4: Masters
  • Block 5: Master Class of Wizards World Champions
  • Block 6: Related Arts
  • Block 7: Great Wizards of the Past
  • Block 8: Special Theory Teachers
  • Block 9: Spanish Magicians of Recognized Prestige

Teaching staff responsible for teaching

All the teachers of the course will be illusionists of recognized prestige. For the next course the following are foreseen

Requirements for obtaining the degree: assistance modality and evaluation system

  • Be in possession of the Superior Title of Illusionism
  • Attend at least 70% of classes and face-to-face workshops
  • Perform the practices and work entrusted
  • Pass the tests and exams
  • Perform a final research project and a set number of hours of public performances


The number of places available is 20. The minimum number to complete the course will be 16 enrolled.

In the selection of candidates, the academic record will be taken into account. In case of similar records, preference will be given to the first pre-registrations. They will also have preference to students who are able to qualify for the degree.

The registration process consists of two steps:

  • Seat reservation
  • Pre-registration form

Seat reservation

  • Download the pre-registration form
  • Income of € 300 to the Santander bank account ES2700301020320000043271, indicating name and surname of the applicant as well as the note "Pre-registration Course Grand Master Illusionist". This amount will be deducted from the enrollment fee when it becomes effective and is not refundable, except in case of not being admitted to the program.
  • Submission to the General Secretariat ( and to the Directorate of Studies ( of the pre-registration form downloaded and duly completed together with the receipt of the transfer made.
  • Registration period: from July 1 to 25. From that moment, admission to the Program is only possible through a written request to the Management, through the e-mail address


Once admitted to the Program, the General Secretariat will contact the applicant to indicate the formalization of the registration.


In a single term, with a discount, so that the final price of the course would be € 2062. The withdrawal during the course does not give the right to a refund of the proportional part, unless it occurs for reasons of major cause, judging by the Management of the Center.

Framed in three installments of € 772 each, to be paid in the months of October, January and April. Although the payment of the course is facilitated in a divided manner, the commitment is for the entire annual course, and it is necessary to have paid the term of the quarter that begins to be able to examine the quarter already concluded.

Last updated Mar 2020

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