INTERLINK A.C.E. at Montana State University


Program Description

INTERLINK A.C.E. at Montana State University is located in Bozeman, Montana, a university town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. INTERLINK A.C.E. students spend 21 hours a week in intensive English language classes. Students may choose to live in a campus dorm, or in an apartment off or on campus. The mission of the INTERLINK A.C.E. at Montana State University is to prepare students linguistically and culturally for their educational and professional pursuits as well as to provide opportunities for personal growth. Upon successful completion of the INTERLINK A.C.E. program, students are able to:

  • speak English more fluently
  • write effective essays
  • understand spoken and written English
  • understand different cultures
  • apply and improve their critical thinking skills
  • conduct research and report findings in English
  • engage in group work and in team activities
  • use the Internet, email, and computer technology

Program Cost

Fees may change without notice. Rates are based per session. One INTERLINK A.C.E. session is 7.5 weeks, which is equal to half of a MSU semester. Intensive English Program Fees Per Session

*Fees do not include additional one-time $100 INTERLINK A.C.E. application fee. Express Mailing of I-20 form by courier service is available for additional $65. Additional tutoring packages for optional test prep (e.g. TOEFL) are available for a fee per session. **Student Services fee includes campus based services. The rate may change without notice. ***Residence Hall fees are approximate and vary depending on location and number of occupancy. All residence hall packages include meal plans. To apply for residence halls, students must submit a one-time, non-refundable $200 housing prepayment with the application. Students will pay remaining dormitory costs after arrival. See details on MSU campus living here: ****The Meal Plan is included with the residence hall fee and varies depending on the plan. See MSU residence page. *****All students are required to have valid health insurance. Students must purchase health insurance through INTERLINK A.C.E. Fees listed above cover the student during the 7.5-week session. Students may purchase additional coverage for vacation periods. View our health insurance plan here. (Exceptions will be made for students who have a scholarship with their government and can provide a valid Financial Guarantee and insurance card.) Application Fee $100 application fee is required at the time of application. It is non-refundable. Deferral, Cancellation and Refund Policy "Deferral" means that prior to arrival, a student asks INTERLINK A.C.E. to defer their studies to a later start date. A $50 deferral fee will be charged for each deferral. “Cancellation” means a current INTERLINK A.C.E. student registers and prepays for a session but later decides not to attend. To cancel, contact the INTERLINK A.C.E. office before classes begin. Full refunds are given for cancellations before the start of session, however a $250 cancellation fee will be charged. Refunds can be applied to future tuition and fees. No refunds are given after the session has started. If the cancellation and refund policy changes, INTERLINK A.C.E. will follow the policy under which the student made payment. Financial Documentation for F-1 Visa Students The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requires that students have sufficient financial resources to meet school and living costs while in the U.S. The student, parents, or a sponsor must provide a current bank statement or an official letter from a bank verifying sufficient funds. Housing Requests All requests to stay at Residence Halls must be placed at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the program you are applying for. Courier Mailing Fee Students may request to have acceptance materials and I-20 sent by courier mail service. There will be an additional charge of $65 for courier mail service. All applications received less than 30 days before the student's requested start date will be sent by courier mail service. Other Expenses Students should expect to buy books at a cost of approximately $250 per session. Students should budget additional money for personal expenses such as travel or entertainment. These expenses will vary. Payment of Fees INTERLINK A.C.E. will accept payment by traveler's check, personal check drawn on a U.S. bank, cashier's check, credit card, or wire transfer. To pay by wire transfer you must add a $30 wire transfer fee to the amount invoiced. Age Requirement Students aged 17 and older may enroll in an INTERLINK A.C.E.. Students younger than 17 should contact INTERLINK A.C.E. for information on youth programs.Calendar *Applications after the deadline may be considered individually on a space available basis, as time permits for housing and visa processing. University deadlines may be earlier. The INTERLINK A.C.E. sessions closely match the schedule of the university location during the school year. During the summer, there is more variation to the schedules, due to shorter university summer terms. The MSU campus will have spring break during Spring Session 2. The session will still have 7.5 weeks of class. Summer sessions at MSU are extra intensive 6-week courses, with additional class hours to match the standard 7.5-week curriculum. Tuition and fees remain the same, but housing will be prorated.

Intensive Program Tuition (7.5 weeks)* $2700
Student Services** $295
Residence Halls*** (7.5 weeks) $1800 - $2500
Meal Plan**** (7.5 weeks) Included with housing fee; see MSU website
Health Insurance***** $260
Approximate Total $5055 - $5755
2017 INTERLINK A.C.E. Application Deadlines*
Summer 2017 Session 1 May 11 - June 23 April 11
Summer 2017 Session 2 June 22 - August 4 May 22
Fall 2017 Session 1 August 24 - October 18 July 24
Fall 2017 Session 2 October 19 - December 15 September 19
Last updated Nov 2017

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