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Dear Sir, First of all, thank you for your interest. Let me introduce ourselves. Global Aviation is the oldest professional pilot academy in Greece, an international aviation organisation with 20 years of experience in professional pilot training. Global Aviation is based in the Civil Aviation Airport of Pachi (LGMG), Athens, Greece and is approved by EASA to offer commercial airplane pilot training courses such as the ATPL Integrated, ATPL Modular, CPL, IR, MEP and MCC. As exclusive distributor of Piper Aircrafts in Greece and the Balkans, since 1997, Global Aviation uses a modern fleet of 6 single, 2 multi-engine training airplanes and 2 FNPT II flight simulators (including MCC) that are based in the Civil Aviation Airport of Pachi in Athens Greece. All theoretical and flight training takes place in Athens, Greece, where the weather allows us to fly around 350 days per year. Moreover, Global Aviation is an EASA approved maintenance centre and the only certified Piper Service Centre in the region. Below there is a brief presentation of the conversion course. Further details are available in the attachments. Commercial Pilot License ICAO Conversion is a single course where the student holds an ICAO CPL (A) IR/MEP and after the completion of the training he will be awarded a Part-FCL CPL (A) IR/MEP with ATPL Theory Credit. Pre-Entry Requirements  Provide us a Photocopy of ICAO CPL (A) IR/MEP with Instrument Rating and Multi Engine Class Rating  Provide us a Photocopy of ICAO Medical (class 1) Certificate  Provide us a Photocopy of EASA Medical (class 1) Certificate  Provide us a Photocopy of a Pilot Logbook  Provide us a Verification of License Authenticity from the ICAO CAA that issued your ICAO License  Have at least 200 hours total flight time, including at least 50 hours Instrument training and total 100 hours as Pilot-in-Command, of which at least 50 hours cross country as Pilot-in-Command and one cross country trip 300 NM with two stops at aerodromes different from the base aerodrome  Provide us a Photocopy of ID or Passport and two (2) photographs The Theoretical Training: For the theoretical commercial training for the ATPL (A), before undertaking the official ATPL written examination, the student will complete a three-month distance learning commercial theoretical training. The 14 ATPL subjects are: (010) Air Law, (021) Aircraft General Knowledge, (022) Instruments & Electronics, (031) Flight Performance and Planning - Mass and Balance, (032) Performance, (033) Flight Planning & Monitoring, (040) Human Performance & Limitations, (050) Meteorology, (061) General Navigation, (062) Radio Navigation, (070) Operational Procedures, (081) Principles of Flight, (091) VFR Communications, and (092) IFR Communications. The course will comprise of self study, classroom work, inter-active video training, and sample exams. The theoretical course is using Bristol GS material (CBT). The duration of the theoretical training is 3 months.

The requirements to complete the course are: • The minimum duration of 3 months from enrolling has been completed. • Both Modules must have been successfully completed (more than 90% syllabus progress) through the CBT provided. • An average result of at least 75% to each subject progress test through the CBT provided. • A Final Sample Exam result of at least 75% to each subject through the CBT provided or during the private lectures taking place in Greece.

The initial application procedure to HCAA for the examinations: • The student will notify with an email, Global Aviation after the above requirements are met. • Global Aviation will submit the initial application to HCAA within 5 working days. It normally takes another 15 working days for HCAA to process the application and allow the student to participate at the next available exam sitting. The Flight Training: For the flight training of the course, the student will complete 30 hours flight training, including 15 hours instrument training, and 15 hours VFR manoeuvres. The duration of the flight training is 2 weeks. Medical Examination You need an Aviation Medical Center to examine you for class 1 initial medical. For information about Medical Certificate Examination follow the link to our website: http://globalaviationsa.com/students/medical/
Global Aviation provides Accommodation Options for its international students according to their needs. For information about lodging and accommodation follow the link to our website: http://globalaviationsa.com/students/accommodation/ Visa issuance The procedure for the visa application is simple. You send us your passport, and then pay a deposit of 1/3 (€3,900) of the total tuitions to our bank account, required by Greek authorities in order to be eligible to apply for a student visa (type-D). When we receive your payment, we send you an Invitation Letter and with that letter (together with your bank statement which shows the deposit of the money) you make an appointment to Greek Embassy (or Consulate) in your country and you start the procedure of visa issuance. The visa issuance procedure may take up to 3 months (the duration is depending on the security checks your application will go though by Greek authorities). If you require assistance with visa issuance process follow the link to our website: http://globalaviationsa.com/students/international/ For more information please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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Since 1997, Global Aviation (GR-ATO-102) has been offering Commercial and Private Pilot Training Courses. Global offers Integrated and Modular Courses for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) and Privat ... Read More

Since 1997, Global Aviation (GR-ATO-102) has been offering Commercial and Private Pilot Training Courses. Global offers Integrated and Modular Courses for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) and Private Pilot (PPL) Licenses as well as the Instrument (IR), Multi-Engine (MEP), Flight Instructor (FI) Ratings and Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Courses. Read less