Higher Diploma in Creative Film Production


Program Description

Higher Diploma in Creative Film Production (2-year full time) aims to provide young people with an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge systematically for entering the film, TV or creative media industries. It offers five specializations, including:

  • Directing
  • Script Writing 
  • Acting Techniques
  • Cinematography and Lighting
  • Editing and Sound Mixing

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Programme, students should be able to:

  • Explain in an informed  and  broad-based  manner the theory, history and  practice relevant to art, literature, film, television, new media and communication;
  • Apply professional knowledge, skills and standards in work situations, with social consciousness and  ethical responsibility;
  • Think analytically, critically and creatively in order to demonstrate management skills and cultivate the potential for leadership skill;
  • Perform one speciality in film and TV making craft using a comprehensive base of skills that demonstrate creativity, aesthetics sensitivity, and cultural literacy;
  • Undertake careers and further studies in film and TV in response to the industry needs of Hong Kong and the Greater China Region.

Tonight Music Video Official Timeline

Curriculum Structure

First Year Common Schedule

Semester I Units Semester II Units
A.F.1111     English I 3 A.F.1112     English II 3
A.F.1140     Film History 3 A.F.1150     Introduction to Film Production 3
A.F.1180     Video Production 3 A.F.1160     Selected Readings in Literature 3
A.F.1230     Script Writing Workshop 3 A.F.1170     TV Studio Production 3
A.F.1250     Basic Cinematography and Lighting Workshop 3 A.F.1270     Fundamentals of Film Production Management 3
A.F.2360     Introduction to Editing 3 Elective I 3

A.F.1290 Professional Internship (0) (optional) in the Summer following Semester II.

Second Year

1. Directing Specialization

Semester III Units Semester IV Units
A.F.2140     Advanced Editing 3 A.F.2230     Graduation Project 3
A.F.2270     Directing Workshop 6 A.F.2370     Introduction to Film Production (A.D. and Continuity) 3
A.F.2330     Fundamentals of Directing 3 Elective III 3
A.F.2460     Script Analysis 3 Elective IV 3
Elective II 3 Elective V 3

2. Script Writing Specialization

Semester III Units Semester IV Units
A.F.1240     Creative Writing I 3 A.F.2230     Graduation Project 3
A.F.2440     Research and Storytelling 3 A.F.2240     Creative Writing II 3
A.F.2460     Script Analysis 3 Elective III 3
A.F.2700     Screenwriters on Screenwriting 6 Elective IV 3
Elective II 3 Elective V 3

3. Acting Techniques Specialization

Semester III Units Semester IV Units
A.F.1190     Fundamentals of Acting 6 A.F.2230     Graduation Project 3
A.F.1210     Movement I 3 A.F.3170     Studies on Screen Acting I 3
A.F.1220     Voice and Speech I 3 Elective III 3
A.F.2570     Acting in front of the Camera I 3 Elective IV 3
Elective II 3 Elective V 3

4. Cinematography and Lighting Specialization

Semester III Units Semester IV Units
A.F.2190     Cinematography / Lighting Workshop 6 A.F.2230     Graduation Project 3
A.F.2210     Creative Cinematography & Lighting 3 A.F.2510     Special Effect in Cinematography & Lighting 3
A.F.2400     Photography 3 Elective III 3
A.F.2560     Visual Expression 3 Elective IV 3
Elective II 3 Elective V 3

5. Editing and Sound Mixing Specialization

Semester III Units Semester IV Units
A.F.2320     Foundation in Computer Graphics 3 A.F.2220     Creative Sound Dubbing 3
A.F.2380     Introduction to Film Production (Sound Recording and Mixing) 3 A.F.2230     Graduation Project 3
A.F.2500     Sound Design 3 Elective III 3
A.F.2770     Post-production Workshop on Visual Effect 6 Elective IV 3
Elective II 3 Elective V 3

Elective Courses*

  1. Common Electives
    • A.F.1120        Art Appreciation - 3 units
    • A.F.1130        Film Appreciation I (World Film) - 3 units
    • A.F.1260        Acting Workshop I - 3 units
    • A.F.1290        Supervision on Internship - 0 units
    • A.F.2110        2D Digital Animation - 3 units
    • A.F.2120        3D Animation (Modeling and Rendering) - 3 units
    • A.F.2130        Film Appreciation II (Hong Kong Film) - 3 units
    • A.F.2150        Animation History - 3 units
    • A.F.2180        Budget and Risk Management - 3 units
    • A.F.2200        Contemporary Production Design and Development - 3 units
    • A.F.2250        Directing Exercises - 3 units
    • A.F.2260        Directing Project - 3 units
    • A.F.2290        Drawing II 3 units
    • A.F.2300        Advanced Animation (Special Effects) - 3 units
    • A.F.2310        Film Exploration - 3 units
    • A.F.2340        Game Design (Motion Capture) - 3 units
    • A.F.2350        Great Works in Drama - 3 units
    • A.F.2420        Principles in Production Design - 3 units
    • A.F.2430        Production and Media Management - 3 units
    • A.F.2480        Seminar on Producing - 3 units
    • A.F.2530        Storyboard and Editing - 3 units
    • A.F.2540        Theory and Aesthetics of Film 3 units
    • A.F.2550        Television Programming and Concepts - 3 units
    • A.F.2580        Acting in front of the Camera II - 3 units
    • A.F.2610        English for Actors - 3 units
    • A.F.2630        Movement II - 3 units
    • A.F.2640        Voice and Speech II - 3 units
    • A.F.2650        Post-Production Workshop (Audio Effect and Music Dubbing) - 3 units
    • A.F.2670        Fundamentals in Audio Production - 3 units
    • A.F.2680        Hong Kong Television - 3 units
    • A.F.2690        Script Writing - 3 units
    • A.F.2720        Acting Workshop II - 3 units
    • A.F.2730        Acting Project (Television) - 3 units
    • A.F.2740 / A.F.2750        Independent Study - 3 units
    • A.F.2780        Color Grading Workshop - 3 units
    • A.F.2790        Location Sound Recording Workshop - 3 units
    • A.F.3110        Animation Appreciation - 3 units
    • A.F.3120        Great Works in Film - 3 units
    • A.F.3130        Hong Kong Television Marketing and Management - 3 units
    • A.F.3140        Introduction to Music - 3 units
    • A.F.3150        Novel and Adaptation - 3 units
    • A.F.3180        Studies on Screen Acting II - 3 units
    • A.F.3190        Acting Workshop III - 3 units
  2.  All specialization courses can be elective courses, except for the courses carrying 6 units.


  1. Not all elective courses will necessarily be offered in a given year.
  2. Students are not allowed to take their own specialization courses to fulfil the elective requirement.


Admission Requirements

  • For applicants taking HKDSE in/after 2012, they should obtain Level 2 in 5 subjects including English Language and Chinese Language (Note 1), or equivalent. The Student Learning Profile will be considered. Applicants possessing "Attained or above " performance in an HKDSE Applied Learning (ApL) subject are deemed to have attained "Level 2 / Level 3" respectively in one HKDSE subject and a maximum of two ApL subjects can be counted for admission purpose.
  • For applicants with the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) qualifications, they should obtain:
    • Pass in one A Level subject or pass in two AS Level subjects in HKALE and
    • Five passes in HKCEE including English and Chinese; or
    • Three passes in HKCEE plus Level 2 or above in English and Chinese
  • Applicants obtain Satisfactory completion of Grade 12 and Level 2 or above in Chinese Language and Level 2 or above in the English Language in HKCEE/ HKDSE, or other equivalent qualifications; OR
  • Applicants with satisfactory completion of a Pre-Associate Degree/ Associate Degree Foundation Programme/ Diploma Programme or equivalent qualifications; OR
  • Applicants aged 21 or above with acceptable qualifications/ talents to justify admission; OR
  • Mainland applicants should attain the third cut-off point or above in "National Joint College Entrance Examination (JEE) of Mainland China"

The Academy may accept other equivalent qualifications in place of those stated above.

Note 1: For Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students fulfilling the specified circumstances in Note 2, the programme will accept the following alternative Chinese language qualifications to replace level 2 of HKDSE Chinese Language.

  • Grade E or above in GCE A/AS Level Chinese; or
  • Grade C or above in GCSE/IGCSE/GCE O-Level Chinese; or 
  • “Attained or above” in Applied Learning Chinese (ApL(C))

Other Languages" cannot be used for meeting the entrance requirement on the Chinese Language.

Note 2: The specified circumstances are:

  • The student has learned the Chinese Language for less than six years while receiving primary and secondary education. This caters specifically to students who have a late start in the learning of Chinese Language (e.g. due to their settlement in Hong Kong well past the entry-level) or who have been educated in Hong Kong sporadically; or
  • The student has learned the Chinese Language for six years or more in schools but has been taught an adapted and simpler Chinese Language curriculum not normally applicable to the majority of students in our local schools.

Online Application

  • 2020 HKDSE candidates may submit their applications for the HKBU - Higher Diploma in Creative Film Production through the "Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes" (E-APP). Applicants using E-APP will be notified by email, upon which they will be given further instructions for completion of the application process via the designated webpage.
  • Application Fee Payment
    • Applicants are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of HK$300 upon submission of your application.
    • Please pay the fee by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or China UnionPay Card), or by online PPS, through the online payment gateway. If you choose to pay by China UnionPay (“CUP”), please ensure that you have signed up your PRC credit or debit card with “CUP” online payment.
    • Only online credit card payment is available if you are using smartphones or tablet devices to submit the application.
  • Supporting Documents
    • Applicants should upload the relevant supporting documents e.g. results notice/ certificates of public examination, and other academic certificates (if applicable) when filling out the application.
  • If you encounter any problems in completing the application form, please contact the Admissions Team by email at applycie@hkbu.edu.hk or by phone at (852) 3411 3240.

Tuition Fee

  • HK$57,000 per year


Admission Scholarship with details has to be approved. The scholarship recipients will be chosen by the Programme on the strength of their applications.

Last updated Jun 2020

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