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The Higher Certificate (HC) Courses serve a dual function. First and foremost it is a one-year foundation course designed to offer students access into the first year of undergraduate degree studies at AFDA. In addition, it is an exit level higher certificate equipping students with skills allowing them to be placed in the entertainment (film/ tv/ radio/ events/ theatre etc.) industry in assistant-type positions to key crew.


  1. Gives you access to the AFDA Undergraduate degree programme as well as enhancing your access to other tertiary learning institutions.
  2. Learn to collaborate, build your social skills, learning capacity and self-confidence.
  3. Gain insight into the various disciplines and career options in the entertainment arts.
  4. Discover and test your aptitude for a potential career in the entertainment arts.
  5. Prepare yourself for the rigors of tertiary degree experience

Contact your nearest campus about visiting the campus for a consultation, attending an Open Day or for more information about the Higher Certificate Programmes.

NOTICE: The HC in Film, Television & Entertainment Production is open for 2nd Semester Enrolment from July 2017.


The HC in Film, TV & Entertainment Production is about bridging into an AFDA Undergraduate degree by learning the basic skills to work on a set as an assistant. There are 2 streams, of which you would choose 1 of the 2 streams. Availability of both streams running in the same year on a particular campus is dependent on student number selections per stream.

TECHNICAL: Introductions to camera, grips, lighting, multi-cam studio and stage rigging.

PRODUCTION & ART DEPARTMENT: Introductions to production coordination, art department, wardrobe make-up & styling and stage management.

CAMPUSES: The HC in Film, TV & Entertainment Production is available at the Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban.

ENROLMENT: First (March – December) & Second (July – June) Semester Enrolment is available at all the SA Campuses. The Botswana campus operates on mid-year enrolment only.



National Senior Certificate (South African Grade 12 / Matric) with entry into a Diploma or Higher Certificate

Should you not have the above, you may be able to qualify to complete and pass the AFDA Entrance Exam. The AFDA Entrance Exam is a selection process approved by AFDA Senate for degree access. To give a candidate alternative access to degree, s/he can sit for the Entrance Exam and there must be record of it, the recommendation on the individual student from the registered psychometrist must be signed off by Senate or its subcommittee, as per AFDA Entrance Exam policy (in accordance with Higher Education Act (Act 101 of 1997) Amendment No 1317 in Government Gazette of 5 Dec 2008 number 31674 clause 31). Such access will apply only to AFDA’s programmes, its entrance exam is not valid to another university, and vice versa.

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AFDA was founded in 1994 by Garth Holmes, Bata Passchier and Deon Opperman.

AFDA was founded in 1994 by Garth Holmes, Bata Passchier and Deon Opperman. Read less
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