High school with technical administration


Program Description

It is a school of medium + technical education in management, focusing on entrepreneurship and management, which prepares students to undertake their future. The selection process is annual with admission for students entering the 1st year of high school.


Mentoring project (1 YEAR): It provides the first contact with the business world, allowing the student to assimilate the basic concepts of management and entrepreneurship. This experience is made possible through meetings with entrepreneurs, technical visits and interdisciplinary activities.

Simulated company (2nd YEAR): Education technology tool, internationally known as Practice Firms or Virtual Enterprise, which allows you to associate the theories of management to the practice of business activities in a simulated virtual market, linked to a network of 7,500 Simulated Enterprises present on five continents.

Showcase Project (3rd YEAR): Methodology that extends the vision of development and entrepreneurial attitude, from the preparation of a business plan. Its interdisciplinary nature involves disciplines such as Marketing, Economics, Finance and Accounting, among others, and allows the student to turn a business opportunity into a viable enterprise under the economic, financial perspective and market.

Internship (3rd YEAR): Mandatory character, allows the consolidation of entrepreneurial vision and management tools, to create opportunities for the student to develop a plan of action in view of the needs of a particular business sector in which it operates. Business Diagnosis: accomplished through technical visits, characterized by the identification of problems, causes and organizational symptoms. Experience also allows for the experience of analysis, strategic vision and to propose solutions in various business segments.


The missions are extra curricular activities for accession, not mandatory, which take place annually and have students selection process. Are activities which generate extra costs for families who choose to participate and provide the student unforgettable international experience. The EFG Sebrae and Sebrae Minas provide those who choose to participate the event environments, technical visits and follow-up during the missions. Travel are high-transforming power of the young as contact with people, cultures and business environments encourages the development of skills and entrepreneurial behavior.


The student who chooses to participate in the New York Mission knows one of the most exciting capitals of the world. New York is the scene of the latest trends in marketing, advertising and retail. Added to this is where there is also one of the most important business events and fair game simulated company in the world for high school youth.

Global Business Challenge: NYC Mission event is the international business game for young 3rd year of high school, in which EFG Sebrae is a reference in the preparation of students.

International Trade Show: NYC Mission event for the 2nd year of high school is one of the largest fairs of simulated companies in the world where our simulated company GAERC has won the company as a world reference and one of the best stands of the more than 120 countries present.

Technical Visits: A tour of visits to major shopping centers, businesses and outlets with benchmarking purposes for Practice Firm projects (2nd year) and Showcase (3rd year), but exceptional reference for entrepreneurial projects to life.

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About the School

Formação de cidadãos empreendedores, competentes em gestão e comprometidos com o desenvolvimento sustentável da sociedade.

Formação de cidadãos empreendedores, competentes em gestão e comprometidos com o desenvolvimento sustentável da sociedade. Read less
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