Harlaxton College Five-Week Summer Program


Program Description

Five-Week Summer

Summer is the perfect time for your Harlaxton experience!

Spend five weeks in the beautiful countryside of England taking a course that deeply immerses you in the subject and how it relates to the UK. Most courses go on-site visits to bring your learning to life with company visits, performances, guest speakers, and projects.

In time away from classes, we offer our full array of Harlaxton programming including our house competitions, clubs and organizations, and local cultural excursions. Students have on-site accommodations and have access to our student development office and full-time staff for any questions or issues.

Students travel widely in the summer with our college sponsored excursions or through independent travel. Students also have the option for a three-hour internship after the 5-week summer session. Stay on and live at Harlaxton while gaining real-world experience.

Summer 2020 Calendar

Subject to change – 18 September 2018


  • 24 Sunday: Student departure from the US
  • 25 Monday: Student arrival at Heathrow and transfer to Harlaxton. Student Orientation¥
  • 26 Tuesday: Student Orientation – Convocation and High Table Dinner¥
  • 27 Wednesday: Classes start
  • 28 Thursday: Classes. London trip. Depart Thursday afternoon.
  • 28 - 31 Thursday - Sunday: London trip


  • from 1 June: Classes*
  • 5 Friday: Class Field Day**
  • 6 Saturday: York day trip
  • 7 Sunday: Cambridge day trip
  • 10 – 14 Wed -Sunday: Paris weekend trip. Depart Wednesday afternoon.
  • 19 – 21 Friday-Sunday: Edinburgh weekend trip. Depart Friday morning.
  • 22 Monday: Valedictory Convocation and Farewell Dinner¥
  • 24 Wednesday: Last day of classes and final assessments/examinations¥
  • 24 Wednesday: Afternoon - Departure from Manor for students not on Italy trip.
    • Students who fly to the US on 25 June are responsible for booking and paying for any overnight accommodation in London
  • 25 Thursday: Flight home from London for students not on the Italy trip or Departure from Manor for students on end of Summer Session Italy trip
  • 25 – 30 Thursday - Tuesday: End of Summer Session Italy trip.
    • Students who fly to the US on 1 July are responsible for booking and paying for any overnight accommodation in London


  • July 1 Wednesday: Flight home from London for students who are on the Italy trip

* Classes are normally held Monday - Thursday, 8.20 – 10.20 am and 10.30 am - 12.30 pm
** Class Field Day – an extra day of classes in addition to the normal Monday – Thursday schedule
*** Some classes may have laboratory sections in the evening
¥ Required attendance


(Estimated Charges: Payable to the University of Evansville by April 15, 2020. Final official charges will be confirmed in March 2020)

Comprehensive charge: $4995 Includes three hours of undergraduate tuition, housing, meals, student activity fee, a local Harlaxton shuttle fee, health, and wellness fee, technology fee, and airport pick-up at London Heathrow (only) for passengers landing on May 25th by 10:30 am. Students who enroll in six credit hours will be subject to an additional tuition charge estimated at $1700. Students who enroll in graduate courses will be subject to a graduate credit surcharge. Refer to course descriptions and Harlaxton Travel Program summary below for estimates of travel, site visits, and trip fees for individual courses.

Additional Expenses

Airfare: You are responsible for making your own air travel arrangements to London Heathrow Airport and paying individually for the airline ticket. You are also responsible for your own passport and any visas that you may need.

Personal Expenses: Students need to budget for books, travel, and personal items.

Harlaxton Travel Program: (Estimates based on 2019 travel schedule; final destinations, schedule, and costs will be confirmed on March 2020. Please note that costs are in British Pounds (GBP £). For current prices in USD, please consult xe.com or other exchange rate sites).

  • £210 London weekend trip
  • £210 Edinburgh weekend trip
  • £30 York day trip
  • £30 Cambridge day trip
  • £350 Paris weekend trip
  • £750 End of Semester Italy Trip: Rome and Florence. The Italy end-of-term trip includes a return to London Heathrow airport.
  • £50 Harlaxton Manor to London Heathrow Airport transport

Important Dates and Application Guidelines

  • The priority application and $250 deposit deadline is 24 January 2020. Applications will be accepted after that date on a space-available basis.
  • Students will be asked to submit a course choice and at least one alternate course choice. We will make every effort to accommodate students’ first choices. Priority will be based on the deposit date. In the event of oversubscription in a course, students will be accommodated in one of their alternative choices, if and as available. Courses with insufficient enrollment, however, may be canceled. In the event of a cancellation, students will be accommodated in one of their alternative choices, if and as available. Students who list no alternatives risk losing a summer placement at Harlaxton. Deposits will be refunded if a course is canceled and placement in an alternative course is not possible or if overall enrollments exceed Harlaxton’s summer capacity
  • Deposits are refundable only if a course does not meet minimum enrolment.
  • Minimum GPA requirements: 2.00 cumulative and 2.00 in the semester prior to departure.
  • Students must enroll in a minimum of three semester hours; maximum load is six semester hours; no pass/fail option is offered. Tuition is charged by the credit hour.

Summer 2020- Add an Internship to your 5-week summer program!

Students participating in the summer 2020 5-week program have an exciting option! For an additional $2500 students can complete a three-hour internship while living at the Manor. We will offer the students personalized attention in creating their placement and helping with questions throughout the process.

  • Additional expenses for students are the Tier 4 visa costs and any transportation costs associated with the internship.
  • The dates for the internship are July 2- August 1st for those attending the Italy trip. For those not attending the Italy trip, the dates are June 29th- August 1st.
  • During this time, room and board at the Manor are included in the fee as well as the three-credit hour course. Students wishing to complete this internship in the summer will need to complete the summer internship application in addition to the 5-week application. Once completed, our internship team in the UK will reach out to help with your placement.

Summer 2020 course

  • ACCT 210 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ASTR 101 Descriptive Astronomy
  • BIOL 460 Speical Problems
  • BRIT 280 Cultural Capitals of Britain and Europe
  • BUS 380 Business Ethics
  • CHEM299 Chemistry of Art
  • ECON 380 Sports Economics
  • EDUC 100 History and Foundations of American Education
  • ENGL 335 The Golden Age of children's literature
  • ES103 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
  • EXSS 428 A Global Approach to Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • EXSS 451 Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • HIST 112 World History Since 1500
  • HIST 380 Curating British National Identity in Victorian Era
  • HIST 438 War Death and Memory
  • HSA 406 506 Jurisprudence and Ethics in Health Care
  • HSA 499 599 British and Health Care Systems Comparative Study
  • ID290 History of the Beatles
  • PHIL 301 What Is Happiness
  • PSCI 390 Great Britain in the 21st Century
  • PSYC205 405 Forensic Psychology
  • SOC 386 Death and Dying
  • THTR 110 Intro to Theatre
  • THTR 495 Independent Study in Contemporary Theatre and Historic Research
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Since its inception, the University has enjoyed a strong relationship with the United Methodist Church, sharing with it a commitment to inclusiveness. Students savor a sense of belonging on campus and appreciate the significance of their personal and professional behavior. Read less