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Offering 2461 Human Resources training courses from 156 training providers including SkillSoft, Lorman Education, The Industry Calendar. Browse instructor-led and virtual Human Resources training seminars along with a variety of self-paced classes. Offering 1111 online e-learning Human Resources courses, available either online, CD/DVD, printed course manuals or recorded webcasts. also offers the ability to request in-house or onsite Human Resources courses or train-the-trainer curriculum programs.

Every business depends in some way upon its employees, whether they work on assembly lines in a factory or conducting financial analysis in a bank. Ultimately, no business can survive without capable and reliable workers, making the people responsible for finding, training and caring for these employees critically important.

Human resources managers, though their responsibilities can cover a broad range of roles, ultimately work to maintain and improve a business' workforce. This can include everything from hiring people who fit the specific requirements of a position or providing training for those who lack those skills to ensuring compliance with labor laws designed to protect workers.

The latter responsibility can prove particularly complicated, with laws covering every aspect of work life from minimum wages and overtime pay to sexual harassment and occupational safety. Particularly as businesses grow larger, issues of regulatory compliance can require departments of their own along with thousands of records and filings.

Human resources, training, labor relations managers and specialists hold over 700,000 jobs the United States. They are employed in virtually every industry around the world. Whether handling recruitment, interviewing, training, benefits, employee relations, ADA, FMLA/FLSA, EEO, HR Management, Payroll, OSHA, Hiring and Retention, Workers' Comp, or Labor Law, employers are expected to devote greater resources to job-specific training programs in response to the increasing complexity of many jobs, the aging of the workforce, and technological advances that can leave employees with obsolete skills.

Also, as human resources management becomes increasingly important to the success of any organization, some small and medium-size businesses that do not have a human resources department may assign employees various human resources duties together with other unrelated responsibilities. TrainUp can help businesses and professionals find the human resources training they need to effectively manage the workforce of any company from small-scale private businesses to publicly-owned corporations.

Human Resources

Human Resources sub-categories

  • ADA-Disabilities training
  • Affirmative Action - EEO training
  • Cafeteria Plan training
  • COBRA training
  • Compensation and Benefits training
  • Diversity training
  • FLSA training
  • FMLA training
  • HIPAA training
  • HR Generalist training
  • HR Management training
  • Labor Law training
  • OSHA training
  • Payroll training
  • Personnel Law training
  • PHR - SPHR training
  • Recruiting - Hiring training
  • Sexual Harassment training
  • State Regulations training
  • Work and Life training
  • Workers' Compensation training
  • Workplace Health and Safety training
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