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Applied Art and Design

Functional art can be found everywhere, created by individuals with an eye for imagination and utility. Applied Art and Design can help you discover a way to use your artistic sensibilities in a practical way. Photography, design and computer graphics are just a few options available to you. Develop a portfolio, learn the trade in an internship setting, or transfer to a university. With plenty of imagination and opportunities, you can make your own career while making the most of your creative talents.

Applied Art and Design is an academic discipline which focuses on the principals and practical applications of art, design, photography, computer graphics, imaging and animation. Study of the foundations of design, creative problem solving, portfolio development, and internship experiences, all prepare students for transfer programs and career opportunities.

Within the A.A./A.S. degree or certificate options, students may concentrate in Graphic Design, Illustration, or Multimedia. Students who successfully complete the Applied Art and Design major can expect to find entry level employment in such areas as digital illustration, graphic design for print and internet, multimedia, animation, photographic retouching, and pre-press operation.

A.A. and A.S. degrees as well as certificates can be earned in the Applied Art and Design field. The certificate programs do not satisfy A.A./A.S. degree requirements but do qualify students for certificates in the field of study.

Last updated December 2017

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