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All our Programs and Courses are taught in Le Cordon Bleu Mexico – Universidad Anahuac Norte.

School cycles for our Diplomas are in January, April, July and August.

In Basic Certificates we have Spanish to English translator.


Basic Certificate (Basic Program)

It opens the door to the adventures of French cuisine. From day one, you begin to master the basic skills: from how to hold a knife properly, to how to peel vegetables or how to truss a chicken. As the term progresses, techniques are layered on one another, and become more complex. Demonstrations become more menu-oriented, incorporating such elements as organization, preparation, balance and timing. Students also learn how to use and integrate condiments, herbs and spices into their recipes producing a variety of flavors which complement the plate prepared. As a solid grounding in basic cuisine, this program is for beginners and experienced students alike.

Intermediate Certificate (Intermediate Program)

Intermediate Cuisine (Intermediate Certificate) program introduces you to classic French regional dishes through which you will apply the techniques introduced in the Basic level program. Through practice and repetition, you begin to perform tasks easily and instinctively. Intermediate Cuisine emphasizes the importance of mise en place: understanding, organization and production. Demonstrations highlight various kinds of presentations from platter to plate.

Superior Certificate (Superior Program)

Superior Cuisine (Superior Certificate) program culminates in Le Diplôme de Cuisine Le Cordon Bleu (Cuisine Diploma). You will learn about the current evolution of French cuisine. Full menus, demonstrated by the chefs, are inspired by trends from today’s top kitchens. Some recipes are original; others are contemporary interpretations of the classics. The ingredients are richer and more refined: exposing the students to working with such ingredients as foie gras, truffles and lobster. Now well-versed in French culinary skills


Basic Certificate (Basic Program)

Introduces students to the world of pastry and cakes, providing the technical and basic skills and techniques needed. The demonstration lessons and practical classes are geared toward working with pastry, creams and cakes and the elaboration of more traditional puddings. During classes, students also get to know the possibilities of each product through its origin and history.

Intermediate Certificate (Intermediate Program)

The development of the techniques taught and the elaboration of traditional desserts in the Basic Certificate level allow students to approach high confectionery and work in the preparation of modern cakes. The level of difficulty increases and aspects such as creativity and decoration of the desserts acquire more importance. To complete the certificate, students demonstrate what they have learned in a buffet that includes, in addition to the cakes, chocolates and desserts.

Superior Certificate (Superior Program)

With a complete and solid knowledge of the techniques, students delve into the working methods and analyze the environment of high confectionery. During this trajectory, students will have to work on the elaboration of ice cream, cakes and petit fours, artistic creations using sugar and chocolate, and the preparation of desserts in restaurants.

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Le Cordon Bleu es una de las escuelas más antiguas y respetadas del mundo de la gastronomía, la hospitalidad y la gestión.??El nombre de Le Cordon Bleu fue acuñado en el siglo 16 por el rey Enrique II ... Read More

Le Cordon Bleu es una de las escuelas más antiguas y respetadas del mundo de la gastronomía, la hospitalidad y la gestión.??El nombre de Le Cordon Bleu fue acuñado en el siglo 16 por el rey Enrique III - cuando creó L'ordre du Saint-Esprit, que fue simbolizada por una cruz colgada en una cinta azul.??A partir de su gran prestigio y tradición ganados a lo largo de más de cien años de historia. Le Cordon Bleu es hoy por hoy la escuela con mayor reconocimiento a nivel internacional en la formación de profesionales de gastronomía, arte culinario y hospitalidad.??En los últimos 20 años Le Cordon Bleu ha desarrollado cuidadosamente diferentes programas educativos y de entrenamiento concretando alianzas y asociaciones con empresas e instituciones líderes en el mundo.??Actualmente Le Cordon Bleu cuenta con más de 40 escuelas en 15 países, una comunidad estudiantil de mas de 20,000 alumnos de 70 nacionalidades, y un distinguido equipo de más de 100 chefs internacionales.??Desde 1998 la Universidad Anáhuac establece una importante alianza con Le Cordon Bleu Internacional para ofrecer programas a nivel licenciatura, cursos y diplomados en las áreas turístico-gastronómicas, misma que, a partir de 2010, se extiende a la Red de Universidades Anáhuac. Read less
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