Marketing in the 21st century is changing in all its aspects, due to the emergence of the digital environment, which is changing from consumer behavior to the means available to reach the market.
The impact of the Digital Economy is more evident in the Marketing Mix, so it is urgent to prepare human resources in the Marketing area with new skills that will soon be essential.
We can even say that the Marketeer that does not dominate minimally the new instruments made available by Digital Marketing will soon be obsolete and its employability impossible.
This Post-Graduation brings together a group of experts who are daily in the market, using these new digital means, which allows them to share the best practices in each moment.
Likewise, the teaching methodologies to be used will be active, with the use of case studies, practical exercises and group dynamics based on the professional realities of the students.

Main benefits

  • Gain momentum in Digital Marketing with a 360-degree view of the available media, opportunities, and challenges that organizations and practitioners face.
  • This program intends to go beyond know-how, we want to train professionals with a digital vision and with credibility to lead the transformation of the organizations in which they are integrated, helping the Portuguese business fabric to win in the new digital economy.


  • Professionals of any Sector of Activity who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in an integrated way in Digital Marketing;
  • Professionals of companies that do not have specific training in Marketing, assume functions with field of action in Marketing;
  • Professionals who wish to develop or consolidate their career in the fields of Digital Marketing;
  • Marketing Directors;
  • Marketing Technicians;
  • Responsible for Web channel;
  • Consultants.


Program taught in:
  • Portuguese

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