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The Degree in Smart Grid (Smart Grid) (PXEI) born with the aim to train professionals who can meet the demands of the energy sector in the coming years, which necessarily dominate the technologies involved in the Smart Grid (smart grid).

In this context, the graduate focuses on all fundamental aspects of smart grids (Smart Grids), which are distributed generation systems, systems metering (AMR, AMI, AMM), EMS (Energy Management System) as well as the role of electric vehicles and the need for the smart Grid to advance the concept of intelligent city (smart city). the energy market, power systems planning and applicable regulations will also be addressed.

The grid will become increasingly intelligent due to the implementation of information technology and communications, as embodied in:

  • Distributed energy generation, which complement the traditional centralized generation, making necessary specific remote systems.
  • Automatic power measurement and automatic switching loads.
  • Distribution automation and control systems.
  • La Salle (Ramon Llull University) has a strong reputation in the formation of Telecommunications Engineering and Informatics, always with very updated programs and a very practical training.
  • You'll have a complete overview of all the actors involved in the smart grid.
  • You can improve project management (and companies) where the electrical network has an important role.
  • The graduate can be a platform for creating new businesses that take advantage of all the changes that the Smart Grid will produce, both in the industrial and residential environment.
  • You will form a profession demanded by companies in the electricity sector: professional master the information technology and communications, but applied to the particularities of the electricity sector.
  • You will study a program endorsed by companies that collaborate in the definition of syllabi, teaching, completion of the final dissertation and its promotion.
  • You will receive classes of teachers who have extensive experience in the area of ​​ICT in businesses and organizations, as well as in teaching. In some ways they act as consultants, to help you understand and implement the knowledge acquired throughout the course.
  • You will do your Final graduate work in contact with major companies in the sector.
  • This postgraduate study, by the Graduate Data Network for Electric Network (PXDE) gives you access to the master's degree in communications applied to Energy Management (MCGE).
  • You will benefit service job vacancies and placements of La Salle, which will offer individual advice and access to jobs of the more than 2800 companies with which it collaborates. In this regard, 700 annually internship agreements signed with different companies, 70% end up becoming directly in employment contracts. In addition, 60% of students get a change or improvement thanks to professional service improvement and career reorientation.

What do you prepare?

  • Give a complete picture of all the actors involved in the concept of Smart Grid (Smart Grid).
  • Study the different parts of a smart grid, that is, distributed generation systems, metering systems (AMR, AMI, AMM) and EMS (Energy Management System).
  • Understanding the energy market and electrical systems planning.
  • Knowing the business model and the opportunities arising from the Smart Grid, both to increase business efficiency and to create new businesses that take advantage of the new environment.
  • Understand the direct relationship between City Smart (Smart City) and electric vehicle, with the Smart Grid (Smart Grid).

To whom it May concern?

Telecommunication engineering and / or computer (Technical Engineering, Engineering Degree or above) who wish to focus their career towards information technologies applied to the electricity sector and the concept of smart grid (smart grid). Professionals with a minimum of experience in the electricity sector and / or telecommunications who want to focus their career towards information technologies applied to the electricity sector and the concept of smart grid (smart grid).

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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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