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Information Systems

Students who need to advance their knowledge of computer systems while continuing a focus on another educational pursuit may choose to enroll in a graduate pathway. This limited course typically takes between one and two years to complete. Students who complete this type of pathway may find higher paying career opportunities.

What is a graduate pathway in information systems? This type of program often helps students to become leaders in the field of technology. Courses combine business strategy with technical knowledge. The business classes may cover topics such as statistics, marketing, and finance. Students may choose a specific focus such as computer security or networks and telecommunications. They might also learn how to effectively work alone and in teams.

Students enrolled in graduate pathway programs frequently develop strong communications skills. Careers in this field often involve working with all different types of co-workers leading to experience with different personality types. Such communication skills are useful in all areas of life, even out of the workplace. Creativity and innovation are also developed for ultimate problem-solving abilities.

Tuition costs for a graduate pathway in information studies vary from university to university. Cost factors may include program length and location. Prospective students are advised to conduct in-depth research before making a decision about the right fit for them.

A graduate pathway in information studies may prepare students for a number of careers in the field. Specific positions they may pursue include web developer, computer forensic investigator, software engineer, or cloud architect. Because information technology professionals are needed across many industries, a graduate may end up working in the health, entertainment, or government sectors, just to name a few.

Universities around the globe offer the graduate degree in information studies. Online programs may be especially appealing to students who need a more flexible study and life balance, or students who do not live near a school that offers the degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Graduate Pathway in Information Systems

Marshall University
Campus Full time 1 - 2 semesters January 2019 USA Huntington

Leads to a master’s degree in Information Systems at Marshall University [+]

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