Graduate Pathway in Environmental Studies

Top Graduate Pathways in Environmental Studies 2018

Environmental Studies

Generally, students enrolled in graduate pathway programs are intending to study or seek work outside their home country. These programs provide coursework to help students to increase their language competencies, usually making such international opportunities more readily available to them.

The goals of an environmental studies program include finding ways to increase energy efficiency, minimize pollution, increase environmental awareness and encourage alternative energy use. The main focus for students is to learn how to assess and solve environmental problems.


Graduate Pathway in Environmental Studies

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Graduate Pathway in Environmental Science

Marshall University
Online Campus Full time 1 - 2 semesters August 2018 USA Huntington + 1 more

Leads to a master’s degree in Environmental Science at Marshall University [+]

Do you want to study for a degree in the United States but need to improve English language skills or test scores? A Pathway program provides academic, language and cultural support in order to succeed at a US university. Students are guaranteed progression to a graduate degree program through a curriculum consisting of credit-earning courses. We provide full integration with domestic and international students on campus from highly trained university instructors and tutors while giving you academic support throughout the program.

The Graduate Pathway in Environmental Science offers you the chance to enhance your English and academic ability. It will prepare you to successfully pursue graduate studies at Marshall University.... [-]