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A graduate diploma helps advance a student’s knowledge in his or her area of study. Typically offered after completion of an undergraduate education, this program prepares graduates for a career.

What is a graduate diploma in IT? This program is designed for individuals who want to develop skills and knowledge related to the latest advancements in computer technology. Each program will have its own focus, and common courses may include computer systems architecture, database design, network management, technical writing, enterprise infrastructures, and software development. Some programs will have a management focus, in which students will learn communication and leadership skills to help lead projects and teams. The criteria for program admission may include a bachelor’s degree in a related field or a bachelor’s degree combined with relevant IT work experience.

Students who pursue this curriculum benefit in that they will have extensive knowledge in computer systems, which may will open up many career opportunities. There are a variety of computer-related jobs available, so graduates should have little trouble finding work.

The costs associated with this program vary depending on the school and a number of factors, such as the reputation and location of the school, program duration, and equipment costs. Interested students are encouraged to contact the schools directly to find out about specific tuition and fees.

There are a number of career paths individuals can choose from, depending on their education focus and interests. Some common job titles include computer and information research scientist, computer network architect, computer programmer, database administrator, software developer, computer systems administrator, and computer support specialist. Management roles may include IT project manager, systems analyst, technology consultant, IT director, and IT strategist.

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Auckland Institute of Studies

The Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (GDIT) meets the needs of students who have either completed a bachelor’s degree in a non-IT field and wish to develop thei ... [+]

The Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (GDIT) meets the needs of students who have either completed a bachelor’s degree in a non-IT field and wish to develop their knowledge in a particular branch of IT, or who hold a bachelor’s degree in IT and wish to enhance their career opportunities in the IT industry by focusing on a specialist topic. The programme comprises 8 courses, including compulsory and elective courses from Software Development, Computer Networks, and Information Systems.

All GDIT students are issued with their own laptop and receive the necessary free Microsoft software.

Job Opportunities

The GDIT is respected for its very high employment outcomes in professions such as software developer, systems analyst, business analyst, project manager, systems support, technical support, network technician, hardware support, and IT manager. Some graduates create their own IT-related businesses.... [-]

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