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Engineering Studies

A graduate diploma is a type of higher education that students can pursue after they have completed an undergraduate degree. Obtaining such a diploma is an excellent way to prepare for further higher education or a future career. Graduate diplomas can be offered in many different fields and disciplines.

Exactly what is a graduate diploma in engineering studies? This type of program is meant to help students apply mathematical and scientific knowledge in the pursuit of solutions to real-world problems, including the design and optimization of systems, machines, tools, and processes. These graduate programs generally assume a student has completed a certain level of undergraduate study and may focus on advanced topics and concepts. Often an engineering diploma can help students gain an enhanced understanding of a particular area or field, such as software engineering, environmental engineering, or engineering management, although there are more general programs available too.

Often students who pursue one of these diplomas will be able to improve their own technical and cognitive skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking. Additionally, this kind of diploma provides a firm foundation for either further graduate studies or a future engineering career.

The cost of an engineering diploma will usually change from year to year and school to school. Be sure to contact the institution you are interested in attending; it can provide you with current and detailed financial information.

Many careers are available to those with a graduate diploma in engineering; this level of specialization can be a great advantage in a globalized economy. Students can work as mechanical, chemical, biological, or computer engineers, or they might be able to become engineering researchers. They can focus on a specific topic or work on a variety of different projects. Additionally, some students might go on to become engineering managers.

If you want to earn a diploma in engineering, start here. Just search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Graduate Diploma in Science and Engineering

City University of London
Campus Full time 9 months September 2018 United Kingdom London

Preparation for master's degrees in areas such as information science, human-centered systems and computer games technology. The Graduate Diploma combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a university master's degree. [+]

Preparation for master's degrees in areas such as information science, human-centred systems and computer games technology.

Why apply for the Graduate Diploma programme? university placement for all successful students a quality-assured university programme access to City, University of London support and facilities What does this lead to?

This course leads to the following master's degrees at City, University of London:

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

MSc Biomedical Engineering with Healthcare Technology Management MSc Civil Engineering Structures MSc Civil Engineering Structures (Nuclear Power Plants) MSc Mechanical Engineering MSc Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management MSc Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics MSc Maritime Operations and Management MSc Air Safety Management (P/T) MSc Air Transport Management (P/T) MSc Aircraft Maintenance Management (P/T) MSc Construction Management MSc Cyber Security MSc Data Science MSc Project Management, Finance and Risk ... [-]

International Graduate Diploma in Engineering

Glasgow Caledonian University
Campus Full time 9 months September 2018 United Kingdom Glasgow

Offering direct entry to a postgraduate degree within the School of Engineering and Computing at Glasgow Caledonian University. [+]

Improve your understanding of academic and English language abilities for entry to Master's courses at the School of Engineering and Computing.

Why apply for the Graduate Diploma programme? university placement for all successful students a quality assured university programme with accreditation in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) full university status a campus-based programme with access to all facilities at Glasgow Caledonian University's award-winning, city centre campus Where will it take me?

The Graduate Diploma in Engineering leads to the following postgraduate degrees at Glasgow Caledonian University:

School of Engineering and Computing

MA 3D Design for Virtual Environments MSc Advanced Interwork Engineering MSc Applied Instrumentation and Control MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering MSc Energy and Environmental Management (Oil and Gas) MSc International Project Management (Oil and Gas) MSc Maintenance Management MSc Maintenance Management (Oil and Gas) MSc Mechanical Engineering MSc Telecommunications Engineering What is special about this programme? ... [-]