Graduate Diploma of Music (Performance)


Program Description

The two-semester Graduate Diploma of Music, which is nested in the Masters programme, is designed to enhance the knowledge base, strengthen the performance skills, and reinforce the teaching and organisational abilities of persons who, having successfully completed an undergraduate degree or without qualifications, have achieved a high level of skills and recognition in the field of professional performance. The inclusion of the two graduate seminar units and elective units will be important for students choosing to move into the profession in the areas of performance, composition and songwriting, studio teaching, and music retail and distribution at the completion of this two Trimester programme. Should they choose to proceed into the Master's programme, these units will have prepared them for the successful completion of the units offered in the second year of that course.



  • Entry Requirements: The successful completion of a Bachelor of Music or equivalent undergraduate music degree. Provisional admission may be granted for students with limited educational qualifications.
  • Admissions Process: Audition + Interview

Study Areas

1.PRINCIPAL STUDY: All students receive 18 x individual, 1-hour lessons, on a chosen instrument or voice for every semester in the course.

2.ENSEMBLE: Demonstrate developed suite of professional collaborative skills to engage, direct and perform within a group. Through a range of instrumental and vocal combinations in a wide variety of genres, students will develop skills in improvisation, transcription, transposition, interpretation, sightreading, ensemble direction, accompaniment and rehearsal techniques.

3.ACADEMIC STUDIES: The study of musical scholarship suited to the diverse range of disciplines that make up the creative industries. These typically fall within the paradigms of critical enquiry research and practice-led research.

4.ELECTIVES: Relevant to singer-songwriters or any students who wish to learn two instruments, the unique Second Study at AMPA provides 18 x individual, 30-minute lessons every trimester. Or choose from electives to complement and refine your degree such as Music Theatre, Music Industry, Studio Teaching, Recording, Production, Chart Writing and more. In stages 3 and 4 students transition to postgraduate research units to develop research, analytical and writing skills as well as critical thinking, creative thinking, synthesis and conceptualisation.

How to Apply

Take the lead and join one of Australia’s leading providers of music and performing arts education. There are 3 intake periods for you to start your journey with AMPA:

  • Intake 1 (January/February)
  • Intake 2 (May)
  • Intake 3 (September)

Please see below for further details on what to expect when applying for AMPA.

Step 1: Application

Complete the Online Application Form

Step 2: Audition Booking

Once your application form is submitted an Admissions team member will contact you to book your audition and interview. The audition will be run by an experienced staff member who will be able to recommend the most appropriate path to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Enrol

After you complete your audition, the panel will evaluate your performance and assess your aptitude and potential to succeed at AMPA.

If your audition is successful, you will receive a Letter of Offer in the post. This letter will include instructions on how to log-in to the AMPA Online portal where you can respond to your offer.

By accepting an offer to study at AMPA, your place at AMPA is secure. We’ll get in touch with you shortly after we receive your acceptance to arrange your enrolment and orientation at AMPA.


Additional Information

Piano, keyboard, amps, drum kit, and sound system for backing tracks are provided for all auditions. Guitarists should bring their own leads, and drummers their own sticks and brushes. Applicants must provide their own backing track and accompanist if required.

At the audition, applicants will have the opportunity to tour the campus if they have not already visited AMPA for an Open Day or other events. Please ask at reception on the day if you’d like a tour.

International & Interstate Applicants

Interstate and international applicants will be invited to submit their audition via video, or by alternative arrangement, as discussed with the Student Services Officer once their application has been received.

International applicants who come from non-English speaking backgrounds must provide evidence that they have achieved a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 (for associate degrees) through to 6.5 (for postgraduate degrees). Equivalent results from alternative English proficiency tests (eg. TOEFL) are also accepted.

Last updated Aug 2019

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The Academy of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA) is one of Australia's leading tertiary providers of performing arts education. Educating and inspiring young artists for over 20 years, AMPA remains com ... Read More

The Academy of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA) is one of Australia's leading tertiary providers of performing arts education. Educating and inspiring young artists for over 20 years, AMPA remains committed to providing the highest quality in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees focussing on the performing arts, including contemporary, jazz and classical music, dance performance (modern, ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop), music theatre, composition/music production and arts management. Read less