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With a graduate certificate, you can show current or potential employers that you have specialized knowledge in a certain subject. A certificate usually takes less time than a degree and can be a good option when you are working.

More specifically, what is a graduate certificate in English? Many certificates like this are targeted toward educators, so the courses look at how writing is helpful in a classroom setting. Other courses of this nature look at how to integrate writing assignments in a non-writing class and how good writing practices can often lead to good speaking practices. Other focuses for this certificate include library management and developing computer skills.

You could learn some useful life skills while studying for this graduate certificate, including reading comprehension, cultural sensitivity and communication. Reading comprehension comes in handy whenever you are reading the fine print of a document. With communication and cultural sensitivity, you are more likely to feel comfortable in international settings.

The cost of an English graduate certificate varies depending on the school you attend. Some common costs include supplies, books and course fees. Studying online can reduce the cost of books, if an electronic copy is available.

If you have a graduate certificate in English, the most common jobs you can apply for are in teaching. Some teacher and tutor positions you can look for include English as a Second Language and pre-college level English. Other jobs you can search for with an English certificate include editor, writer, communications head and student advisor. You may also consider this certificate if you already have any of the above jobs and are seeking advancement or a pay raise.

Study English at nearly any school worldwide. You can narrow your search by looking for schools that are near you or offer online classes. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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UMaineOnline (University of Maine)

Each year, two key insights of the National Writing Project are enacted in the annual institute of the Maine Writing Project — a six-credit course sequence at UMaine. ... [+]

General Overview Teacher – Consultant in Writing Certificate

The importance of high-quality teachers in every classroom is a recognized priority in American education. The teaching of writing, in particular, has been identified as a high-profile concern in our schools and colleges. The National Writing Project was founded in 1974, and the University of Maine (UMaine) became a site of the National Writing Project in 1997. Since that time, both organizations have come to be identified not just with quality writing instruction, but also with developing professional development leaders for writing and literacy generally in their own schools and at the state and national level.

Each year, two key insights of the National Writing Project are enacted in the annual institute of the Maine Writing Project — a six-credit course sequence at UMaine. First, effective professional development programs provide frequent and ongoing opportunities for teachers to write as well as to examine literacy theory and teaching practice together. Second, teachers who are well informed and effective in their practice can be successful teachers of other teachers as well as partners in educational research, development, and implementation. Collectively, teacher-leaders are our greatest resource for educational reform. This teacher-led approach to professional development has been shown to be effective at achieving long-term, systemic improvement. Accordingly, there is value to participants, administrators, and communities at every level in a certificate that recognizes those who have completed the full, twelve-credit complement of courses within the writing project program at the University of Maine.... [-]

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