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Top Graduate Certificate Programs in Communication

Whether leading into higher education or an advanced career or just rounding out one’s skill set, a graduate certificate provides a pathway to further study. Intended for graduates with a bachelor’s degree, these programs contain several graduate-level courses taken over one or two semesters.

Graduates in business or technical majors may ask, “What is a graduate certificate in communication?” Designed in light of an increasingly interconnected world, this graduate-level program covers aspects of effective and professional communication, including written and oral communications, public speaking, and social media. Students are often trained in modern and newly developing communication media and in strategies for skillfully conveying information and persuading audiences and colleagues.

Students can benefit from taking a graduate certificate in communication by sharpening their capacity for strategic thinking and planning in interpersonal relationships. Students may also develop fluency with visual presentations and tools for online communication, useful skills in many careers.

While a graduate certificate in communication typically takes under a year to complete, the tuition cost and registration fees vary between schools. Students should check a school’s website or contact their offices directly to learn more.

The skills developed and refined with a graduate certificate in communication prepare students for careers in business management and administration. Across various industries, project managers and directors rely on skilled communication to oversee workers and facilitate group efforts. Researchers, engineers and designers in various fields also utilize communication skills for writing technical reports, directing decision-making in industry, training and managing new workers and more. Marketing executives employ persuasive communication strategies to reach out to potential clients and consumers.

Many schools with programs oriented towards business majors provide graduate certificates in communication, with online programs allowing remote students to access courses. To start your application process, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Kennesaw State University

Given the ease of global communication (especially due to the Internet), the increasing dependence on English as an international link language, the expansion of corporat ... [+]

Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing for International Audiences

A four-course, non-degree program, this Certificate is designed for professionals who write for, or work with, an international population.

Given the ease of global communication (especially due to the Internet), the increasing dependence on English as an international link language, the expansion of corporate interests worldwide, and the rapid growth of international residents in metro Atlanta, this Certificate fulfills a vital communicative need in a variety of professional settings. Business professionals may incorporate insight gained from the Certificate into their international corporate documents by preparing them with an increased awareness of cultural and linguistic nuances of English varieties around the world. For example, a growing body of scholarship has documented how Asian English (e.g., Singaporean, Indian, and Malaysian) differs from Standard American English due to the cultural contexts of its users. An awareness of these differences will allow business professionals to avoid communicative breakdowns due to differences in culture and English usage. Similarly, educators (college, high school, corporate trainers) will benefit from this Certificate by understanding the language variety and rhetorical strategies used by writers from other countries whose use of English may differ from that of their U.S. counterparts. Educators who are aware of these differences can use this insight in classrooms, particularly in cases when international students work with American students on writing projects and other classroom activities. This Certificate will also benefit professionals working in non-profit organizations, government employees, and others who work with or write for a large... [-]

USA Kennesaw
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European College for Liberal Studies

Graduate Certificate in Communication Studies (12 credits) ... [+]

Our graduate programs, each with different program requirements, are based on and are fully compatible with the established European and American educational systems. The European guidelines for higher education are outlined in the Bologna agreements. Once a minimum number of credits has been earned, a request for graduation can be submitted. Not all programs are offered at all campuses. Refer to the program schedule for further details.


Graduate courses are divided into core courses and specialization courses. Electives can be chosen from any of the scheduled courses offered at the graduate level. Specialization courses are scheduled based on enrollments and may not be available at all campuses. Specialization courses scheduled are available to all students also as electives. Refer to the program schedule for further details. Refer to the course overview for the list of available courses. Students are recommended to complete courses and earn credits at the highest level possible.... [-]

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September 2019
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Centennial College

The Public Relations – Corporate Communications program takes just two semesters to complete and is one of the most highly regarded public relations (PR) programs in Toro ... [+]

Program Overview

The Public Relations – Corporate Communications program takes just two semesters to complete and is one of the most highly regarded public relations (PR) programs in Toronto.

The courses in this Public Relation graduate certificate program, which is based at the Story Arts Centre campus, reflect the thinking that no two days in PR are alike. The industry experts who teach the courses ensure you:

Learn to research, write, plan, edit, design and implement everything from strategic communications plans and employee newsletters to gala dinners for hundreds of people. Gain an understanding of how communications strategies influence employee attitudes, shift stakeholders' opinions and tell an organization's story to the media. Connect with the PR industry. ... [-]
Canada Toronto
September 2019
1 year