Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

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Program Description

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

United International Business Schools

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management consist of a minimum of 12 European credits and take 1 academic year of 9 to 12 months of part-time studies to complete (3 to 4 quarters).

Program requirements

  • Total 12 credits
  • Courses (GCCOMxxx) 12 credits / 6 courses


GCCHRM501 - Personnel Planning and Work Design

The importance of having talented employees in the organization has become more and more evident in increasingly international and competitive industries. This course discusses the fundamental question of human research management as a strategic element for contemporary businesses success. The course discusses theories and practices for how to plan the headcount of the organization. Students will develop skills in determining staffing needs, conducting job analysis, and designing job functions.

GCCHRM502 - Personnel Recruitment and Selection

Today’s business world is changing at a very fast pace and employers are looking for people who can adapt themselves to these ever changing and diverse situations. Companies are investing more and more in people with different educational backgrounds and job experience, making the human resource function critical for achieving competitive advantage. The course examines the importance of attracting the best employees and discusses best practices for selecting employees. Furthermore, it focuses on the critical phase of integrating new employees into the company through socialization and orientation programs.

GCCHRM503 - Personnel Training and Development

The purpose of this course is to provide students with information and insight into the training and development function in organizations. The training and development function will be viewed from a systems approach, such that we will examine the entire cycle of Training and Development, from the assessment of training needs to the evaluation of a training program, within the context of today’s organizations and the global market. Students will also be familiar with human resource techniques to employee career planning and management development.

GCCHRM504 - Personnel Performance Management

Every organization wants to select appropriate strategies for enhancing employee performance, focusing on results and continuous improvement, and motivating their workforce to higher levels of quality. This course addresses the contemporary and important issue for all managers and HR professionals: How to measure and develop the performance of individuals and groups and align performance with the organization’s strategic objectives. Specifically, this course is designed to expose students to the methods, theories, research findings, and issues regarding employee performance in organizations. At the end of the course students will be expected to have a very good knowledge of how to design and implement performance management systems.

GCCHRM505 - Leadership and Management

Management is the art of getting things done through other people. Managers achieve an organization's objectives by arranging for others to do things, not by performing all the tasks themselves. Leadership is the process of influencing the actions of others to attain desired objectives. By taking this course, you will be on the right track to becoming a better and more effective leader and manager.

GCCHRM506 - Compensation Strategy and Systems

This course focuses on a specific area in Human Resource Management, that is, compensation planning and management in contemporary organizations. As organizations have sought to improve the motivation and retention of employees, compensation has become an increasingly important element of a company’s strategy. This course will examine compensation theories and models, pay systems and structures, benefits, as well as internal and external fairness in compensation.

GCCHRM507 - Change Management

Change management provides in depth information on how to develop the necessary skills to pro-actively address change, and on how to face the challenges of change in the organization. Participants learn abilities to successfully cope with organizational change by examining the change process, and by trying to understand and anticipate stakeholders’ reactions and responses to change.

GCCHRM508 - International Labor Relations

This course provides a basic introduction to the field of labor relations. It gives a balanced perspective of the requirements and goals of both union and management and provides a basic overview of the Human Resource Professional’s role in employee and labor relations. The course explores the topics of collective bargaining, labor unions, and legal implications of managing employee and labor relations at the work place.

Admission requirements

proficiency in the English language (refer to the admission section for further details)

Bachelor degree (or equivalent)

  • No distinction is made between academic or professional Bachelor degrees.
  • Degrees with 180 European credits or 120 American semester credits are considered equivalent.
  • Students who do not hold a business-related Bachelor degree or equivalent may be required to complete an inbound assessment test prior to starting the graduate program, and, depending on the results, earn an additional number of credits in leveling courses from the Pre-Master program in order to be fully prepared for our graduate programs.
  • Students who do not hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent should apply for a Bachelor degree program, or for the Undergraduate Diploma top-up program. Refer to the undergraduate admissions catalog for further details. Students who have 15 or more years of relevant work experience may apply directly for the Pre-Master program and will be required to complete an inbound assessment test prior to starting the graduate program, and, depending on the results, earn an additional number of credits in specific undergraduate courses.

e.g. Students who wish to earn a Master degree and who are required to complete the full Pre-Master program will need to earn 30 + 60 credits.


Our study programs and courses are career-oriented in nature and provide students with a high level of flexibility throughout their graduate studies. Focusing on a broad range of specialized subject matters, students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in today’s global economy, and are prepared for a wide variety of professional development and career opportunities.

Graduate programs are an excellent choice for recent college and university graduates who would like to see their employability in today's job market increase by engaging in rigorous and academically challenging graduate studies to obtain a relevant academic qualification in the field of business and management.

Upon graduation, students mainly start or advance their careers with mid to upper-level management positions in national and multinational companies and organizations in various economic sectors. Others decide to launch a new business venture or join an existing family business. Students can also choose to continue their studies without interruption in almost any of our other graduate and postgraduate programs to further enhance their career prospects.

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