Graduate Certificate in Business Management

Sault College

Program Description

Graduate Certificate in Business Management

Sault College

Business Management (2102) 1 Year - 2 Semesters Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program Overview

Our Business Management program was higher than the provincial average in 2014 with a rating of 95% in student satisfaction.

This eight-month program, unique in the province of Ontario, is designed for those who dont have a business-related background or education, but recognize the importance of having key knowledge of business to enhance job prospects and for advancement in their careers. In only a few months, you will develop the skills in the key areas of management, marketing, accounting, finance, human resource management and other critical business-related functions, while earning a graduate certificate from a recognized post-secondary program. Most other college programs take two years to give you the level of study you will gain at Sault College in less than one. Business knowledge is recognized as a necessary piece of ones portfolio when actively seeking exciting opportunities in the domestic and global marketplace. In today`s economy, employers seek what this program will provide you: the skills required to solve problems, make decisions, and perform a multitude of tasks, all with a strong foundation of what it takes to lead and succeed.


A graduate of the Business Management Graduate Certificate Program at Sault College will reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  1. apply current concepts/systems and technologies to support an organization`s business initiatives.
  2. describe the role of the human resource function and its impact on an organization.
  3. apply accounting and financial principles to support to the operations of an organization.
  4. differentiate and interpret marketing and sales concepts used to support the operations of an organization.
  5. compile and assess components of a business plan.
  6. practice work in compliance with relevant statutes, regulations and business practices.
  7. relate current concepts/systems to the planning, implementation and monitoring of business activities and strategic plans.
  8. distinguish the principles of corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ethics to support an organization`s business initiative.
Program of Study

Semester 1

  • BCA101 - 4 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BCA204 - 4 Management Accounting I
  • BCH101 - 3 Introduction to Human Resources
  • BCM101 - 3 Introduction to Marketing
  • BCO103 - 3 Computer Applications for Business
  • BUS228 - 3 Small Business Management
Semester 2
  • BCG203 - 3 Entrepreneurship
  • BCG204 - 3 Business Law
  • BCG206 - 3 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • BCG307 - 3 Project Management
  • BCO106 - 3 Microeconomics
  • BCO107 - 3 Spreadsheet Management

For Additional Information please see the following "Fact Sheet" Please note tuition prices on this sheet are for Domestic students, NOT International students

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Last updated December 7, 2017
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2018
1 year
Full time
Canada - Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario
Start date: Sept. 2018
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Sept. 2018
Canada - Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario
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Price 16,844

Jordan Borneman, Business-Management graduate