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Greetings from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to study in the vibrant city-state of Singapore? Have you ever considered taking up a summer programme in one of Singapore’s leading educational institutions?

If so, join us at the International Summer Programme (ISP@SIM) for a truly international learning experience!

International Summer Program @ SIM (ISP@SIM)

ISP@SIM 2019 is a stepping stone to the world of opportunities in the workplace. An international programme set in an international city, ISP@SIM is the perfect chance to surround yourself with diverse perspectives and learn more about other cultures. Moreover, ISP@SIM strives to develop in you the Global Edge - to be globally competent and to possess deep creative, emotional, social and digital intelligence.

There are two sessions for ISP@SIM. The 1st Session runs from 1st July 2019 to 19th July 2019 and the 2nd Session runs from 13th August 2019 to 30th August 2019.


Why SIM?

Joining ISP@SIM not only provides a great way to experience the dynamic culture of Singapore but also allows you to enrich yourself in a modern educational setting at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) campus. Besides, having a history older than Singapore itself, SIM has a rich heritage in nurturing workers of the next generation. With our active outreach to overseas universities and our numerous partnerships with them, we have an established role as an internationally-oriented educational institution.


A Multi-fold Experience!

Core Lectures

The Global Learning Experience (GLEE) programme will enable participants to understand and apply the academic concept of global competence and the attitudinal factors, skills and knowledge areas of creative, social, emotional and digital intelligence.

Today’s work environment is ever-more-demanding. Employers want more than just excellent academic credentials; they want globally competent and adept workers. Particularly when looking for future leaders, employers search for people with the capacity to see things from a global perspective and who possess the ability to solve problems that have not been defined.

GLEE’s classes and Personal Development Activities are tailored with the aim of developing your global competence where you become more adaptable, open-minded and globally aware as an internationally-ready global citizen. Through interactive classes, we strive to enhance your creative intelligence so that you can better navigate the unknown and provide novel problem-solving solutions. Through group discussions and collaboration, we will guide you towards becoming more socially and emotionally intelligent, so that you can master both interpersonal relationships and your intrapersonal skills. We will also develop upon your digital intelligence to gain mastery in navigating the digital world and in objectively evaluating digital information and media sources.

Live Company Consulting Project

You will get to work on an intensive 5-day live company consulting project at either a local or international company, to gain first-hand exposure to sharpen your business acumen. Developed through a rigorous methodology of project-based learning and work-based integrated learning, these projects are designed to put classroom learning into practice and broaden your horizons.

Personal Development Activities

ISP@SIM holds a range of Personal Development Activities to develop your soft skills including teamwork and adaptability.

  • ‘Choose Your Own Singapore Adventure!’ Amazing Race: This activity-packed race allows you to explore and discover Singapore, witness and take part in local culture by stepping out of your comfort zone to connect with locals and visit famous tourist sites to understand Singapore’s rich history and heritage.
  • Visit to Marina Bay Sands: Soaring 57 levels above the heart of the city, admire the world-class cityscape and take in the panoramic views of Marina Bay from the Sands Skypark Observation Deck. This is the golden opportunity for you to take breathtaking pictures of the world’s largest infinity pool and Singapore’s iconic cityscape. You can even take magnificent selfies and #squadgoals photos in world-famous restaurant Ce La Vi featured in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”.
  • Global Business Speaks English Networking Dinner: The networking dinner is a prime opportunity to engage with those who have been successful in working and living in Singapore. You will get to hear their sharings and also ask the many questions on your mind such as how to find jobs overseas or how to adjust to new environments. You could even possibly discuss topics such as coping with the demands of managing long-distance family relations across the globe.
  • Global Communication through Drums: In this exhilarating team building session, you will get to appreciate the effort it takes to coordinate turn-taking, to create perfect harmony and to use silence at appropriate intervals. While drumming new memories, you will gradually understand the importance of leadership and teamwork, even in non-work related activities.
  • Sports Simulation: When Sports Meets Business: Be ready to challenge your preconceptions of what it takes to win as a team, of sportsmanship and friendly competition. Whether you enjoy the adrenaline in scoring for your team, or prefer to analyse the performance of various players and determine the recruitment preferences or conduct media and commentary coverage, there is a role for everyone in this game of strategy.


Company Visits

To be acquainted with the workplace, you can expect visits to renowned companies to familiarise yourself with business operations in Singapore.

Company visits may include, but are not limited to:

  • Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
  • Bloomberg
  • Facebook
  • Hello Flowers (Flower workshop)
  • Mastercard HQ
  • Microsoft Technology Centre
  • Paris Baguette
  • Personalised Love (Leather workshop)
  • PUB (National Water Agency)
  • Purnama Outreach
  • Resort World Sentosa
  • SATS
  • Scoot

Local SIM Buddies

You will be paired with a local Buddy, from SIM’ Global Learning Society, who will not only accompany you to academic and cultural events during the week but also bring you to the various highlights of Singapore in order to truly experience Singapore through the eyes of a local. Most importantly, you will get to create many unique adventures and memories with your buddies, and form lasting friendships.


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Last updated June 2019

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SIM Global Education (SIM GE) is the leading private educational institution in Singapore. It offers more than 80 academic programmes ranging from its own diploma and graduate diploma courses to Bache ... Read More

SIM Global Education (SIM GE) is the leading private educational institution in Singapore. It offers more than 80 academic programmes ranging from its own diploma and graduate diploma courses to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes with top ranking and reputable universities from Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. With an enrolment of about 19,000 full and part-time students and adult learners from over 40 countries with about 20% being full-time international students, SIM GE’s holistic learning approach and culturally diverse learning environment aim to equip students with an all-rounded global education. Besides building competencies and skills needed to thrive in the real world, SIM GE also hones the soft skills of students through a wide range of student life, career development and networking activities. Read less
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