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Course in Global Executive Development

The Global Executive Development Program is an innovative program that will change the way we perceive the global environment. This program equips one with the required skills to lead in an increasingly globalized business environment and provides invaluable insights on how to advance one's career.

With the advent of science and technology geographical barriers are no more that huge a factor. Open economies, Free Trade Agreement and Globalization are slowly bringing us to believe in the veracity of "one world-global village" concept.

Development Dimensions International's (DDI) Global Leadership Forecast, a study of more than 12,000 leaders across 76 countries, found that18% of all leaders and 37% of executives had multinational responsibilities. The executives coordinated efforts across an average of 8.5 countries 62% of the multinational executives described their preparation for their global roles as fair or poor in the Global Leadership Forecast.

Given this reality, the need for special development programs for global executives seems indispensable.

Organizations increasingly need executive talent to lead their growing international operations. They need truly global executives-those who can work effectively across countries and regions to help achieve overall corporate objectives while balancing regional and local interests.

The global economic downturn that began in 2008 has served to reorder priorities in many organizations. Forward-looking organizations, have recognized the necessity of a continued, or even an intensified, focus on talent in order to ensure future organizational viability and success, and are continuing to invest in talent development initiatives.

This program helps us in our goal of revolutionizing the way organizations are perceived -and their workforce, and thus helping leaders/managers build interpersonal in fact cross cultural relationships.

Preparing managers to think and act as global leaders requires a methodology which understands the evolving global challenges and basic human values. This is need is aptly recognized and catered to by our Program.

Last updated Apr 2018

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Taaleem College of International Studies The Taaleem College of International Studies (TCIS), a research & knowledge led institution, evolved from the need of a world-class college, for what the young generation and business needs for India & Global Environment. Our founders, Academic Collaborator, and the team are some of the most thought-provoking leaders from the corporate and the academia from across the world. It is their realization of the changing world that our pedagogies are designed to enable young leaders to understand the future needs and act on it today. It is through this vision, that The TCIS creates the best professionals in the area of management and education, who are not just taught but have experiential learning through hands-on experience from the day one of the programs through the adoption by companies who are going to hire them eventually. The TCIS credits itself as the first institution in India to come up with unique Eco-System, including adoption model which has all students adopted in the first trimester by companies, issuing Letter of Intent, and further investing in them throughout the tenure of the program in the adopted student to make them ready as per business need. In this first of its kind in India, Adoption model, students who are not already working, will be given the opportunity to work with adopted companies so they can get real-life experience. Other areas of Taaleem Eco-System are Innovation Hub and Hybrid Cloud.Innovation Hub enables students and faculty work together to publish research papers, conduct R&D for specific use cases of the corporate and corporate shares its specific R&D needs to develop the future products, product development, and implementation strategies as well as teaching pedagogies which are path-breaking. Hybrid Cloud brings industry & industry associations in the campus to conduct their activities as well as joint programs for Industry, Academia, and Students.Overall, Taaleem Eco-System at The TCIS builds Industry environment in the TCIS so the student doesn’t struggle to get right employment and/or doesn’t find himself in the alien world on joining their dream organizations. The TCIS connects some of the best names in academia and researchers in the world in the field of Sustainable Development, International Business and Teaching Pedagogies. This has been possible as these programs are delivered through unique face-to-face and Collaborative Learning Space (CLS) or Learning Management System (LMS) model. The TCIS is the right institution for the working professionals/leaders/founders to enhance their skills as well as students who would wish to work alongside gaining strong learning by having the classes in a collaborative mode. Classes are conducted only in evening and twice to thrice a week. Taaleem College of International Studies is among leading B-School in India to offer Executive PG programs which are equivalent to Executive MBA courses / Online MBA Programs of the global recognition and acceptance. Students of TCIS are ahead in their learning curve than any other Executive MBA Courses / Online MBA Courses / Full-time MBA Courses / Part Time MBA Courses in India Global Faculty of TCIS is enabling paradigm shift in on how Executive MBA courses or Online MBA courses or Full-Time MBA Courses are delivered in India Taaleem College of International Studies, Chandigarh is working relentlessly towards setting the knowledge and research-driven Post Graduate Programs for Management & Education, which will take the quality of human resource produce higher than any other Executive MBA programs or Online MBA programs or Full-Time MBA programs providing institutes Read less
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