Students work on improving their grammar and vocabulary as well as written and oral comprehension. An emphasis is made on communicating in French. They will also study French culture and will take part in varied activities during their lessons: wine and cheese tasting, visits to local markets, etc.

The IFALPES accommodation service will find the most suitable type of housing to match your choice. Homestays, shared apartments, studios or dormitories are located in the town centre or in the town outskirts. From the school, they are accessible by bus, bicycle or on foot.

  • Single bedroom in host family halfboard
  • Single bedroom in host family with breakfast
  • Student Residence
  • Individual studios or apartments
  • Shared apartments


Our study levels are in conformity with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


No knowledge of the French language.

A1: Elementary Limited knowledge of the French language. Can understand simple and practical information from everyday life. Can communicate in a simple way provided the interlocutor speaks slowly.

A2: Upper elementary Basic knowledge. Can understand isolated sentences referring to familiar areas. Can communicate within current situations and describe in simple terms topics of personal interest.

B1: Intermediate Limited but effective command of the language. Can understand clear and standard French referring to familiar matters. Can deal with situations likely to arise while travelling. Can speak about topics of personal interest and give brief explanations about a project or idea.

B2: Upper intermediate General and instinctive command of the language. Can understand the main ideas of complex texts. Can take part in general or professional conversations in a clear and detailed way and can argue a point of view.

Cost & Fees

Price without accommodation

1 week 360€
2 weeks 720€
3 weeks 1080€
4 weeks 1440€
5 weeks 1700€
6 weeks 2040€
7 weeks 2380€
8 weeks 2720€
12 weeks 3560€
16 weeks 4740€
24 weeks 6840€
Program taught in:
  • French
Last updated November 16, 2018
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