The Faculty of Foundation Studies aims at equipping the students with the required Generic, English Language, Application and Integration skills of effective learning and succeeding in Higher Education Programmes taught in English. The Programme suits the requirements of those who need to enhance their English Language and key underpinning knowledge and skills to take up the study of degree programs. The faculty facilitates and provides an effective route for progression onto undergraduate programs. The General Foundation Programme (GFP) is a quality assured program by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

Admission Requirements

Gulf College admits students from all walks of life and welcomes applications from people regardless of their gender, race, nationality, or disability. Students seeking admission to the GFP are subject to fulfillment of the following minimum entry requirements: Minimum age of 17 General Education Diploma of Sultanate of Oman or equivalent.

Admission Process

GFP is a two-semester program based on Oman Academic Standards for GFP. All students who come to Gulf College for admission are given a placement test that tests three skills, namely English, Mathematics and Information Technology. A student who achieves less than IELTS 4.0 is placed in Semester one of GFP. However, a student who achieves IELTS 4.0-4.5 is placed in Semester two. A student who achieves IELTS 5.0 or equivalent is exempted from taking GFP English modules, given that other modules such as IT and Mathematics are completed.

Program Aims

The General Foundation Programme of the Faculty of Foundation Studies aims to: develop the communicative, collaborative and presentational skills of the students through the use of English language; enhance the imaginative ability and resourcefulness of the students in responding to the intellectual, professional and social challenges; boost the quantitative skills of the students founded in curiosity, logicality, and accuracy necessary for sound and virtuous judgement; augment the basic computer skills of the students supported with modern information technology knowledge, systems, and devices.

Program Outcomes

Students completing GFP will be able to: write, listen, read and speak in the English language when expressing themselves and in working with others in a team which is essential to higher-level learning; apply academic skills both in daily life and in corporate circumstances involving work competence, performance and ethics that are beneficial to organisational studies; perform basic, pure and applied mathematical operations that are useful to future information management as well as leadership and business studies; exchange, store, use, and create information using modern technology and computing approaches towards developing basic skills essential for future studies..

What does the General Foundation Program contain?

The General Foundation Programme consists of General English Language, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Academic Study Skills. The program equips the student with the necessary skills, competencies and communication abilities to proceed on to Higher Education Programmes. The generic modules focus on the development of essential personal and study skills, practical numeric skills and information technology skills. The English Language module focuses on providing a firm grounding in language skills in all elements (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking)

What does the qualification lead to?

On successful completion of the GFP with IELTS 5.0 or equivalent, the students proceed to Level-3 (pre-requisite to Level-4). The English language module will continue to be delivered in Level 3 block one and two. These two modules are English Language Proficiency and English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills. The aim is to meet the partner university entry requirements of IELTS 6.0 for Level 4.

What is the duration of the GFP?

GFP is a two-semester program spread over 17 weeks duration in each semester.

Program Structure


Placement Test for GFP

There are placement tests for English, Maths and IT


The main purpose of the placement test is to place the students at the right level and to give exemptions in GFP according to the Oman Academic Standards for GFP

Mode of Test

All Placement tests are paper-based

Program taught in:
  • English
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