V Schools MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) immersive coding program was born in a custom development shop. Our founding team has been creating custom software for nearly a decade. When we decided to start teaching the concepts that we used every single day, we naturally reached out to our industry friends–the startups and tech giants that are currently hiring computer engineers.

Through our elite, project-based curriculum, crafted alongside industry experts and hiring partners, students are prepared for exciting careers as software engineers using the most relevant web technologies available today.

In addition to cutting-edge technical skills, V School students are fully immersed in a lifestyle of learning that fosters curiosity, dedication and creativity through workshops, events, and community.


In 12 weeks you’ll spend your time practicing and mastering: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Problem Solving, Unit Testing, Version Control.

With so much information being devoured, V School understands that 24/7 access to the classroom and a 7-to-1 staff-to-student ratio is absolutely necessary to ensure that mentors are available to help you gain a thorough understanding of the curriculum.

In the end, V School students emerge as job-ready coders, able to “think like a computer,” effectively problem solve, and work in teams that mirror the industry teams they’ll be working on.

Lastly, V School takes you further than your average institution by teaching you how to learn going forward after the class.

Yes, you’ll leave with a portfolio of applications that you’ve built, and yes you’ll have the foundation of knowledge necessary to pick up new languages after this course.

V School’s Full Stack Immersive is just the beginning of your coding journey and the quickest way to an amazing outcome.

Student Life

  • Events: Tech Talks, Meetups, Workshops, Tech Conferences
  • Lecture series: Technical, Design, Career and Lifestyle Topics
  • After hours: Events, Parties, Cocktail hours, Adventures

Students Outcomes

Making the right education decision for you is about more than just top curriculum and great instructors. You want to see outcomes, hear from alumni, and know the future return on your investment.

That’s why we provide 100% transparent outcomes reporting that is clear, honest, and easy to understand. Making the right education decision for you is about more than just top curriculum and great instructors. You want to see outcomes.

Everyone’s reasons for studying web development are different whether it be finding a job, starting a business, or even continuing education for a current position. In accordance with CIRR standards, the data below reflects information on V School students who graduated between July and December of the year 2016 and where they were at within 90 and 180 days of graduation.

Career Support

This is just the beginning of your journey. Whether you’re transitioning careers or leveling-up your skills for that next big promotion, when you come to V School you’re joining a technical family.

Like any great family, we fight for each other. We’ll be there coaching you through your first technical interviews, and assisting you with salary negotiations. We will be by your side as you learn when you graduate, and as you thrive as a professional. Our home is always your home. Co-work, skill-up, brush-up, and connect for life. After all, we’re family.

Program taught in:
  • English

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