Foundation Year in Leadership

Top Foundation Year Programs in Leadership


If you are interested in higher education, then a foundation year is an excellent place to start. This course of study is designed to help students navigate and prepare for the world of academia by providing a solid basis for future studies.

So just what is a foundation year in leadership? This type of program is meant to help students learn more about the theory and practice of good management. Students will generally study topics such as conflict management, organizational psychology, motivation, goal setting, mentoring, communication, teamwork, historical leaders, and various types of leadership styles. These programs might include group instruction or individual guidance; they can also sometimes be designed to integrate with existing careers and occupations.

Among the potential benefits of these programs is the enhancement of social and cognitive skills required to improve leadership, as well as the possibility of career advancement. These types of courses are excellent for working students seeking promotion or who have recently been promoted, those who want to explore their leadership potential, and those who want to be thoroughly prepared before entering the business world.

The cost of a foundation year in leadership might depend on the location of the institution, the availability of financial aid, and year-to-year fluctuations. Be sure to contact your institution of choice if you want detailed information.

A foundation year in leadership is an excellent way to prepare for or advance a variety of different careers. Students who complete one of these programs might be able to move in management or leadership positions within a wide range of different industries; they can work for government agencies or nonprofit groups as well as many different corporations. Many students find that pursuing a foundation year after they have started a career allows them to advance their position.

Start now if you want to pursue this path. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Foundations of Leadership

Center for Creative Leadership
Campus Part time 3 days September 2019 USA Greensboro Switzerland Davos Colorado Springs Belgium Brussels Saint Petersburg College Park Australia Mount Eliza San Diego + 10 more

You will get an honest evaluation of your leadership style - and you will learn how your personality and the way you communicate helps or hurts your ability to influence others and resolve conflict. [+]

Think about your career for a minute. Maybe you got hired right out of college to be a project leader or a supervisor, maybe you worked your way up, or maybe you worked for years for an organization in another role and just got promoted.However you got where you are, you are new at this.Maybe it is time to move beyond being a manager - and become a leader.Foundations of Leadership uses proven methods to help you as a new manager improve your leadership skills. You will get an honest evaluation of your leadership style - and you will learn how your personality and the way you communicate helps or hurts your ability to influence others and resolve conflict.In addition to the assessment process, you will learn how to see yourself as others see you, receive feedback from a certified CCL coach and your peers. And you will learn about how you handle conflict by participating in a videotaped problem-solving exercise that shows you how to defuse potentially volatile situations in the workplace.Perhaps most importantly, we will introduce you to our research which shows why leaders derail in their careers.We have helped a lot of people be successful. Let us help you.... [-]

Foundations of Leadership

Foster College of Business Administration at Bradley University
Campus Part time 3 days December 2018 USA Chicago Peoria + 1 more

This program will provide you with the solid foundation you need to become a more effective, innovative leader. [+]

Designed to meet the leadership challenges of:

experienced project leaders managers recently promoted to supervisor level experienced managers moving up those with natural leadership potential but little or no formal training


Starting with a 360° feedback tool that includes candid evaluations from your supervisors, peers and direct-reports, this program will provide you with the solid foundation you need to become a more effective, innovative leader.

Through a combination of group instruction and individual, one-to-one consultation with our staff, you will learn to:

recognize your own leadership strengths and weaknesses understand how your leadership style and behavior impacts both yourself and others set and communicate a clear direction manage conflict motivate yourself and others provide coaching and meaningful feedback to help others in your organization succeed create your own list of attainable personal goals with practical strategies for reaching them gain insight into real-life leadership problems and conflicts that are important to you ... [-]

CMI Level 7- in Strategic Management and Leadership Diploma

School of Business London
Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time 7 - 9 months August 2019 United Kingdom London + 1 more

Strategic managers are aspired to develop their skills with our CMI Level 7 course in Strategic Management & Leadership. The benchmark qualification for full CMI membership is a Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership which will lead you to a Chartered Manager status. [+]

CMI Level 7- in Strategic Management and Leadership

The CMI Level 7 qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership is developed for the senior managers and directors who are capable of converting organizational strategy into efficient performances and it needs the managers to give importance to the organizational strategies’ implementation. Our blended and distance learning senior management program is built around the schedule of busy leaders. Through our virtual learning environment and with regular assistance from your mentor you will be guided throughout the programme. Each stage of the programme can be completed at any time and place. In contrast to the two and three years of a degree programme, the CMI – Level-7 course requires around six to twelve months for the completion.... [-]