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Top Foundation Year Programs in Business English

A foundation year is a one- to two-year program typically used as a bridge between secondary and university education. Students gain college credit while building the foundational skills needed to succeed in their academic area. Universities offer these programs to recent high school graduates with G.E.Ds.

What is a foundation year in business English? This course is designed to improve English language ability in both speech and writing. Coursework focuses on developing foundational and advance English grammar commonly used in academic and general settings. Many programs highlight skills needed to study in English as well. As part of the foundation year, students could take culture-focused classes designed to teach the customs of societies using English as the main language. 

After completing a foundation year in business English, students are better prepared to study and communicate through English language. Graduates may also find their professional prospects expand as they develop a better command of effective communication in English.

The total cost for this program will vary greatly between educational institutions. Some students choose to cut costs with online instruction or digital school materials. Additionally, students may find costs vary based on the length of the course.

Upon completing a foundation year, students often find their prospects for education and employment expand. English is a broadly used language, so this program can prepare students for successful international study at prestigious universities. In the business realm, it’s possible for students to find they can communicate with a larger number of people, leading to better networking and job connections. Graduates of this program are frequently found working as translators, consultants, marketing associates and similar positions in the business world.

If you are looking for flexible or cost-effective study options, consider your online options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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University of New York in Prague (UNYP)

The goal of the Foundation Program is to improve the English language skills of prospective UNYP students so that they can qualify for a degree course. Credits awarded fo ... [+]

Strengthen your foundations for university studies in English

The University of New York in Prague teaches exclusively in English, and we, therefore, require that all students have sufficient English language skills to benefit from our degree programs and contribute to the classes.

The goal of the Foundation Program is to improve the English language skills of prospective UNYP students so that they can qualify for a degree course. Credits awarded for courses on the ESL2 program may be applied towards a UNYP bachelor’s degree.


Applicants for bachelor’s degrees who score between 49 and 69 out of 120 on the UNYP institutional English language test (or the equivalent on other internationally recognized tests of English listed in the table below, or as approved by UNYP’s Foundation Program Advisor and/or Rector) and who fulfill all other requirements for admission may be admitted conditionally to the UNYP Foundation Program.... [-]

Czech Republic Prague
September 2019
1 semester