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A foundation year is an introductory educational program for students wishing to ease the transition between secondary school and university. Most programs last for one year, but some extend to two years. Students focus on building foundational skills for their chosen area of study.

What is a foundation year in business administration? This program will focus on the major components of business, such as finance, business ethics, related technology, marketing and human resources. Classes may center on research techniques, leadership tactics, management methods, business law, organizational behavior and similar subjects. Depending on the program, students could have the opportunity to work in a real-world business setting through shadowing or internship requirements.

A foundation year in business administration gives students the chance to learn many transferable skills and build important educational foundations for their university coursework. Additionally, students are readied for the realities of being productive members of the business sector.

The cost of your foundation year will vary depending on the length of your program, the cost of materials, the type of instruction you choose and the education institution. Many students elect to cut expenses through online instruction and digital textbooks.

After completing a foundation year in this area, students are frequently prepared to pursue university degrees and programs related to business, communications, advertising, marketing, finance and similar subjects. Graduates may also enter the workforce directly as business assistants and clerks. Those who complete higher degrees after their foundation year may find employment as investors, consultants, business administrators and entrepreneurs. Because the skills learned in the program are often highly transferable, graduates can be found in a range of professional business positions.

If you are interested in the program, consider how online options can help you cut costs and gain a more flexible schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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PRINCE2® Foundation course

University of Westminster, Westminster Business School
Campus Part time 3 days August 2017 United Kingdom London

This accredited course provides a complete walkthrough of the PRINCE2® terminology as defined in Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®, the official manual of the method published by the Cabinet Office (CO) in 2009. [+]

Best Course Studies in Business Administration 2017. This accredited course provides a complete walkthrough of the PRINCE2® terminology as defined in Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®, the official manual of the method published by the Cabinet Office (CO) in 2009. The CO's website explains: "Projects bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to achieve business objectives and deliver business benefits. Good project management helps to ensure that risks are identified and managed appropriately, and objectives and benefits are achieved within budget, within time and to the required quality." At the end of the course a one-hour multiple choice test takes place, which leads to the official PRINCE2® Foundation certificate. Course content The course is designed to introduce the basics behind the PRINCE2® process-based method and to prepare for the test that leads to the PRINCE2® Foundation certificate. The course begins by exploring the increasing importance of projects in today’s world before discussing what a project is, why projects fail and what the role of the project manager is. The structure of PRINCE2®, which consists of its principles, themes, processes and the idea of tailoring the method to its environment, is then introduced before each one of these elements is expanded and explained in turn. The topics covered include: what is project management the PRINCE2® principles and themes starting up a project initiating a project the business case the project organisation project planning risks and quality controlling a stage managing product delivery change and progress directing a project closing a project Teaching and assessment The course requires a first pass of all the material in the official manual, so it is important that students do some reading before the course starts. All students are provided with pre-course material that explains what reading is expected prior to beginning the course. The course consists of a series of interleaved lectures and seminars. The lectures are designed to introduce the method’s terminology, which is then discussed in the seminars where exercises based on case studies explain how to use the method in practice. A comprehensive course handbook, containing all the course slides is handed to each student upon arrival. At the end of each day multiple choice questions are used to remind us of the day’s learning and to prepare us for the certificate examination. Fees Fees include lectures, lecture materials, the official manual (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®) and the examination fee for the foundation exam. Entry Requirements There are no formal entry requirements for this course. However, candidates should familiarise themselves with the methods manual and study for around 10 hours before the first day of training. Study is also required between training days. [-]

A Level: Business Studies

Kingston College
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 United Kingdom Kingston upon Thames

You will learn how individuals obtain finance to start a new business and how existing businesses respond to opportunities and threats. [+]

Business Studies A Level You will develop a good understanding of business issues and obtain the skills necessary to start up your own business. You will learn how individuals obtain finance to start a new business and how existing businesses respond to opportunities and threats. Studying A Level Business Studies will help you develop a range of skills such as analysis and evaluation of written and numerical data, which are skills highly valued by universities and of course by your future employer. Business Studies is a subject for students who have an interest in setting up their own business or who want to learn more about how large companies such as Microsoft operate. Course Content Four units are examined, two for the AS and two more for the full A Level. The AS content focuses on starting up and managing a business. Unit 1 concentrates on the challenges of starting a new business, especially obtaining adequate finance. Unit 2 focuses on managing an existing business, in particular planning staff levels. The emphasis in the second year is on evaluating businesses' strategies to cope with a changing world. Unit 3 deals with the strategies large businesses use in planning their finance, marketing and recruitment policies. Unit 4 concentrates on how businesses respond to changing opportunities and threats. You will broaden and develop your intellectual skills in this subject; you will learn how to analyse financial data, how to construct an argument and how to evaluate the implications of implementing different business proposals. The majority of the assessments are based on real life case studies and therefore you will be expected to read about business events in newspapers and journals and to watch business programmes such as 'The Apprentice' and 'Dragons Den'. There is no coursework for this qualification. Entry Requirements A minimum of 38 points for your average GCSE score, Mathematics and English Language at grades A*-C plus at least three other GCSEs from our specified range of GCSE subjects and a satisfactory reference. International Entry Requirements IELTS 5.5, High School Certificate Grade C or above (or equivalent). Duration and Delivery The A Level qualification is a full time course achieved over a two year period. In the first year you study the AS modules and in the second year you will study the A2 modules. The year begins in September and runs through to the beginning of July. Progression Business Studies combines well with many A Level subjects including Statistics and ICT. Business degrees are widely available and are amongst the most popular subjects at university; many universities offer combined options. A future in the corporate world of business or perhaps in a smaller business enterprise requires the skills this subject provides. Additional Information The exam board is AQA. The Specification is AS/A Level Business Studies AQA 2130. [-]