Foundation Year in Computer Science


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Program Description

The goal of the Computer Science MSc program is to train Computer Scientist with a professional knowledge-based on solid theoretical background knowledge. The job of a Computer Scientist synthesizes the constructive activity of engineers with the general problem-solving attitude of mathematicians while participating in teams of large-scale projects. Students of the Foundation Year learn the methodologies as well as the programming languages and tools used in software development.

This program is recommended to applicants who:

  • Want to partake in a well-grounded education that provides a sound base of a successful academic career in Computer Science.
  • Want to understand the basic programming notions better or gain more experience in programming.
  • Have not studied the correct subjects, or not quite achieved the qualifications required for a Master's course.
  • Obtained grades/qualifications during their Bachelor’s studies that are below the requirements for direct entry to the Computer Science MSc program.
  • Need support in their transition into university life and being an international Master student at ELTE, Faculty of Informatics.
  • Wish to return to education after a long time they completed Bachelor’s studies.

This program enables students to

  • Gain in-depth technical skills in programming.
  • Benefit from some improvement in their programming knowledge.
  • Progress onto a broad education of Computer Science specialized in programming languages, cybersecurity, data science, web engineering, autonomous systems, multimedia design, etc.
  • Choose a Master's degree course in Computer Science by obtaining a sufficient background.

Strength of program

The curriculum of the Foundation Year is assembled on topics relevant to the MSc program.

The high standard of education is guaranteed by highly qualified academic staff. Teaching is supported by modern infrastructure and well-equipped computer labs (artificial intelligence, databases, and robotics). The library of the Faculty contains several thousand volumes. Upper-year students and Ph.D. students help the first-year students in a mentor system to overcome their first challenges at the university.

Career opportunities

Software Designers are welcome in every sector of informatics. Jobs are offered by large international computer companies, outstanding firms, banks, large enterprises, state institutions, software development companies, research institutes and universities where they may be engaged in the preparation of integrated data processing systems, electronic trade transactions and electronic money transfers, solving telecommunication problems (networks, programming mobile phones), performing image recognition, computer-aided design, image processing or preparing multimedia applications.

Job examples

Software developer.

Admission requirements

Entry requirements

Holding a BSc degree and obtaining altogether at least 30 ECTS credits in informatics and mathematical subjects during a completed Bachelor's program.

Language requirements
  • A minimum level of language proficiency (oral) (A1-C2): B2
  • A minimum level of language proficiency (written) (A1-C2): B2

Further comments:

At least Intermediate level English language skills are required. English language exams are preferred (but not required) and any certificate is accepted.

Documents to submit with the application
  • Online application form
  • Secondary school certificate
  • Bachelor-level degree
  • Transcript of records
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of the main pages of the passport
  • Passport photo
  • Medical certificate
  • Language certificate
Application procedure

The application starts in the online application system. Students need to register in the system, fill in the online application form, upload the required documents and follow the instructions during the application process.

Applicants are required to transfer the admission fees (application fee: 80 EUR, registration fee: 60 EUR) only in case of admission, together with the tuition fee in the amount of 3000 EUR until the end of June (in case of February intake: until the end of November) in order to receive their visa in time.

Applications are only accepted being submitted through the online application system. Application materials sent via e-mail or by post are declined without further examination.

Last updated Oct 2019

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