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Program Description

Would you like to study in Germany but don‘t currently have direct access to a German university? Our Foundation Year (Studienkolleg) is a one-year pre-studies program for qualified international high school graduates without direct access to a German university. If your secondary school examination allows you to study in your home country, but not directly in Germany, it is very likely that after the Foundation Year at University of Applied Sciences Europe and intensive and qualified preparation for succeeding the “Feststellungsprüfung”, you will have access to your chosen field of study at a German university. To check if you have direct access to a German university, you can use the website Anabin ( Anabin is a database you can use to find out how your school certificate will be evaluated in Germany. On the Anabin website, you can specify your country and certificate when searching the database. It provides all relevant information, e.g. whether your certificate will be recognized and whether you will need to fulfil further requirements.

Are you interested in engineering, technical processes, or natural sciences? Do you also have some German language skills? If you‘re looking to improve your German language skills and prepare yourself for a technical study program, then this might be the right course for you! Our technology course (German) enables you to study German bachelor‘s programs in technical studies, natural sciences, and engineering. For this course, you should already have a level of B1 in German. If your level is less than required, you need to take a special language course before you start with the Foundation Year. 


  • Campus: Iserlohn
  • Language of instruction:
    • English (Iserlohn)
    • German (Iserlohn)
  • Starting semester:
    • Winter semester: September
  • Number of semesters: 6 semesters (full-time)
  • Highlights:
    • Focus on individual development in small learning groups and a personal atmosphere. Creative freedom, professional equipment, and practical projects. Teaching by renowned lecturers from the creative industry.
  • Tuition fees:
    • 12,500 € yearly

What makes it outstanding to study at the University of Applied Sciences Europe?

The University of Applied Sciences Europe is state-accredited, has received multiple awards, and is a worldwide leader among universities with an international approach. To apply to our university, you only need a high school diploma from your home country.

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you'll study in small groups. That is how we guarantee your individual support and personal contact with the lecturers. All of our professors are leading experts in their fields with outstanding success in their industries.

The theory you learn will find practical application in several project weeks. A wide variety of interdisciplinary courses allow you to determine the content of your studies. Our university offers modern equipment like photo studios, print and scan labs, Mac pools, and more.

An internship or a semester abroad is mandatory, and several excursions give you the opportunity to study in New York, Iceland, Vietnam, Paris, and other destinations. Create your story, inspire the world.

Studying at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Germany

We put emphasis on internationality. That is why we were ranked among the top 25 performers in student mobility and international orientation worldwide (U-Multirank 2016). Our numerous international students come from all over the world to pursue a highly valued (state and ZEvA recognized) German degree that is entirely taught in English.

Germany, known as the country of innovators, is the perfect place to get your degree. Germany is a particularly safe and livable country with relatively low tuition fees and affordable living costs. Furthermore, Berlin is known as Europe's creative capital, a magnet for artists, and "place to be" for designers.

That's why we encourage international students to come here and study with us. You can apply with your national school degree now. We will then take a look at your application and guide you through the process.

Last updated Sep 2020

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Private and state-accredited: The University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) educates tomorrow's designers and decision-makers in the areas of business, sports, media & event and art & design. ... Read More

Private and state-accredited: The University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) educates tomorrow's designers and decision-makers in the areas of business, sports, media & event and art & design. The students become part of an innovative and international network, representing more than 100 nations at the UE campuses in Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn. Read less
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