Foundation Degree in Music


Program Description

The one-year Foundation in Music program of three equal semester drills you on the core knowledge and skills in music performance, theory, music technology and beginning level liberal arts studies.


Program Overview

In the core area of music, performance, you will develop dexterity in your principal instrument allowing you to master the basic scales in major and minor keys and the chromatic and Blues scales. Individual instruction in your principal instrument will expand your knowledge of the intrinsic interpretations of performing Pop, Jazz, and Classical repertoire.


You will hone sight reading skills continuously in your private instruction classes and in group performance labs. You will learn rehearsal techniques to prepare you to lead and perform in advanced level ensembles. In addition to class and ensemble sessions, you will participate in a performance seminar session where you will feature your performance before a live audience comprising of your peers, faculty and visitors in each semester. You will develop your musical ear in a series of progressive ear training classes to refine your ability to identify intervals, chord progressions, rhythm patterns, and to read music at sight.

In the area of music theory, you will learn the basics of reading and writing notes in both treble and bass clefs and interpret lead sheets, which have the common music terminologies used in actual practice in the music industry. You will develop composition skills through the analysis of melody-harmony relationships found in contemporary music songs/tunes. You will learn score layout and groove writing in order to write rhythm section scores for small bands. In addition to Blues theory, you will also study traditional 4-part writing conventions including contrapuntal writing in the style of J. S. Bach.

In music technology you will develop skills in operating music software to create musical sounds and also music scores. You will also study computer operating systems and Internet protocols to enhance the quality of your application of these in your coursework.

In the liberal arts component you will develop English language skills through writing, comprehension and speaking, and will investigate academic writing norms to hone your skills towards writing term papers. You will study musical acoustics in order to understand and interpret the behavior of sound and its propagation in musical applications.

You will survey popular music from the birth of the Blues to present day popular music, exploring the artists and compositions against the socio-cultural environment that contributed to the development of pop music across the decades.

If you have prior knowledge of these courses you need to inform our admissions counselors at the point of your application to the program. All students will attend an entrance placement examination for English and music theory and those who score a minimum grade of B (83%) in these tests would be given credit exemptions from taking these courses again. In replacement of the exempted credits, you will be required to take elective courses such as Introduction to Music Business, Business Communications and/or Electronics and Computer Systems.


Why Choose This Program

The Foundation in Music acts as a foundation upon which to build advanced level knowledge, skills and techniques.

  • You will be able to enroll for the Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music degree without A Levels or STPM certification
  • You will be able to transfer all your credits earned in the program to Berklee third year degree programs
  • You will get hands-on experience using the College’s RM40 million state of the art facilities
  • You will learn from a team of qualified and experienced faculty
  • You will engage with students from over 20 countries, like you for whom music is more than a hobby
  • You will engage with music industry professionals in closed-door master classes and workshops
  • The tuition fees are affordable compared to other comparable programs outside Malaysia. If you are intending to go to Berklee you will save up to 60% in tuition fees

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum SPM certification (requisite pass in Bahasa Melayu and History) or other high school completion equivalent, with minimum 5 credits. Refer to the high school qualifications table to check if you have the minimum qualification to enroll in the program OR
<li>Mininum UEC certification (Senior Middle Level Exam), with minimum grade of B6 and above in 3 subjects</li> <li>For International Students who did not sit for English as their compulsory subject must obtain a TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS score of 6.0</li> <li>Pass the auditions and interview process</li> <li>*Malaysian students who do not have an SPM credit in Bahasa Malaysia will be automatically enrolled in LN014-Bahasa Kebangsaan A (3) at extra cost</li>

Semester 1

  • ET010 – Basic Ear Training
  • FP101 – Fundamentals of Music Theory
  • FP102 – Music Performance Lab
  • GE001 – Preparatory English for College
  • HM010 – Survey of Pop Music
  • MT010 – Music Technology and MIDI Systems
  • PI0XX – Private Instruction 0
  • PF011-031 – Performance Seminar

Semester 2

  • AR020 – Scoring for Rhythm Section
  • CH010 – Contemporary Music Harmony
  • ET020 – Intermediate Ear Training
  • MT106 – Computer Applications in Business
  • PI1XX – Private Instruction 1
  • PS010 – Music Performance Studies 1
  • TM010 – Traditional Harmony & Composition
  • TM020 – Traditional 2-Part Writing

Semester 3

  • CH020 – Advanced Contemporary Music Harmony
  • ET111 – Aural Training
  • GE013 – Academic Writing in English
  • GE020 – Acoustics for Musicians
  • PI2XX – Private Instruction 3
  • PS020 – Music Performance Studies 2
  • TM121 – J. S. Bach Inventions


Teaching Methods

You will receive interactive lectures, in-class activities, seminars and tutorials, with practical hands-on applications. You will have opportunities to collaborate with professional musicians, arrangers and producers and to benefit from their master classes and workshops held at the College on a regular basis.

Last updated Oct 2018

About the School

The College’s vision is to be THE music educational hub in Asia for music and entertainment industries. The College’s primary mission is to discover and develop music talents.

The College’s vision is to be THE music educational hub in Asia for music and entertainment industries. The College’s primary mission is to discover and develop music talents. Read less