Foreign Languages for Professional Use Program


Program Description

Foreign Languages for Professional Use Program

School Lingua Professionalis is an educational center aimed at teaching Languages for Special Purposes (LSP). The School was established for graduates with Bachelor, Specialist or Master Degrees as well as for undergraduate students. The course helps students develop excellent skills in business communication. Faculties are all PhDs. The latest teaching techniques are applied and include traditional and multimedia materials. The number of students in a group is limited to 6 to 8 people. Individual training is also available. As a prerequisite to LSP courses, the School offers courses of foreign languages at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.

The School offers two educational programs:

I. A program for mastering basic communication skills in Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew. The program includes courses of practical grammar (English, German, Spanish, and French).

II. LSP program for experts in different fields:

  • management consulting (English);
  • strategic and operational management (English);
  • IT-management and consulting (English);
  • investment consulting (English);
  • financial management (English);
  • human resource consulting (English);
  • marketing (English);
  • commerce (English);
  • international economics (English);
  • modern industrial engineering (English);
  • telecommunications (English);
  • mass media (English);
  • resort management and tourism (English, Spanish);
  • sports management (English, Spanish);
  • show business (English);
  • law (English, German);
  • poetic and literary translation (English, Spanish).

The tutors apply innovative methods which allow the students experience specific features of their professional activity and to get a deeper understanding of practical business issues.

The graduates are granted with Certificate of IUM upon completion of every course.

Language of instruction: Russian

Last updated Dec 2017

About the School

International University in Moscow IUM is the first private university in Russia, which occupies a leading position among Russian private schools. It was founded in 1991 by its current President Gavri ... Read More

International University in Moscow IUM is the first private university in Russia, which occupies a leading position among Russian private schools. It was founded in 1991 by its current President Gavriil Popov, a notable economist, politician, and the first Mayor of Moscow. The idea of this university was initially supported by the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev and the President of the USA George Bush, Sr. IUM is a new type of educational institution which, while financially and legally independent, is state accredited. Accreditation certificate № 0078 of December 14, 2009. Since late 90-s BBA and MBA programs at IUM are regularly accredited by the European Council for Business Education (current accreditation valid till June 2014). Mission Our mission is to train highly qualified specialists, who are able to work in today’s national and international business environment. IUM has liberal orientation. Among its basic principles is a democracy, human and multicultural values, focus on the modern world, comprehensive training, care and attention to students. IUM also supports superior quality of teaching. Among its lecturers there are renowned academics, qualified professors, and specialists, recognized visiting international professors. The most effective and advanced methods of teaching are applied. The university has solid partnership relations with several educational institutions abroad. Currently, about 1/8 of all students are international. Regular conferences, seminars, and roundtables at IUM bring up new ideas and develop creative thinking and thus improve both teaching and research activity. We offer undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs in the fields of business administration, economy, metropolitan administration, art business, foreign languages, law, and journalism. Campuses IUM has two campuses: the headquarters in the center of Moscow and Kuntsevo Campus close to Skolkovo Innovation Center (2 km west of Moscow Loop Highway). Read less