Flight Instructor

The training for flight instructor (Flight Instructor = FI) as well as the training for instrument flying instructor (Instrument Rating Instructor = IRI and Multi-Engine Instructor = MEI) are specialised trainings.

FI – Flight Instructor
The training for flight instructor (basic training) has already been part of the Martinair Flight Academy for many years. The requirements for starting the training are a valid CPL with SEP class rating (EASA License). A minimal of 5 hours has to be flown in the last 6 months preceding the start of the course and an entrance test has to be passed. This test is mandatory.

The essentials in the theoretical part of the training for flight instructor are especially teaching student pilots about aerodynamics and aviation law and learning how to give classical briefings.

The practical part of the training includes flying an airplane from the right seat and instructions are given about coaching student pilots.

After being certified as a flight instructor one has to give the first one hundred flying hours under supervision of an experienced flight instructor. Only after completing these hours the flight instructor is allowed to give instruction for the PPL on his own. After two hundred hours as flight instructor he or she may give instruction for the CPL.

FI IR – Instrument Rating Instructor
The Martinair Flight Academy was the first company in the Netherlands to receive authorization from the Dutch government (IVW) to train an instrument flight instructor. The requirement for starting the training is at least 200 instrument flying hours. The main point of attention of this training, which is quite similar to the training of becoming a flight instructor, is teaching student pilots how to navigate and fly using their instruments.

The training for flight instructor is started on your request. Not only civilian individuals take part in the training, but also pilots of the Air Force undertake the training on a regular basis.

Program taught in:
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  • Dutch

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