Fixed Price Career Pilot Course


Program Description

Join the premier California flight school that fully prepares you for airline hire worldwide for one fixed price! Guaranteed completion without paying more, Aviation English Course included. PPL+IR+CMEL+ Jet Transition Course flying a Cessna Citation Jet - minimum 250 hours upon completion. 6-8 Month Courses 12-14 Month Courses with EASA ATPL Theory

One Payment - Guaranteed Completion

  • PPL + IR + CPL + Jet Course
  • Minimum 250 HRS

All Inclusive

  • Aviation English + ATC Course
  • Private Pilot Course
  • Instrument Rating
  • Time Building
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Course
  • Jet Transition Course
  • FAA Written Exams
  • FAA Checkrides
  • FAA Medical
  • TSA Registrations
  • TSA Fingerprinting
  • All Pilot Supplies
  • Housing & Food
  • Transportation
  • Insurance

Pilot Recruitment, Resume, & Airline Interview Preparation

Monthly Student Events - Disney, NBA, MLB, Holywood, etc.

Graduate Plaques & Custom Aviator Watch


1. Complete online application and pay Enrollment Package Fee.

2. Receive Enrollment Package in the mail and schedule visa interview.

3. Progress in Online Part 141 Ground School & Aviation English CBT.

4. Successfully pass visa interview and receive M-1 stamp in passport.

5. Arrive in the USA to begin your training!

Your flight training will begin 5 days after your arrival. This will give you sufficient time to recover from your traveling and allow us to complete all the necessary government registrations with you.

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Last updated December 2018

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