First-Year Art

First-year incorporates studio experience with critical thinking and it is the bedrock for supporting the learning architecture of the upper levels. There is great depth in our majors, but we value the breadth of study as well, supported by courses from Liberal Arts and Sciences. Additionally, our students are encouraged to pursue a minor offered through one of the three faculties. The Florence Studies Abroad Program provides an opportunity to study art within a unique cultural setting and European context. The Faculty of Art seeks integration with the Digital Futures Initiative, the Aboriginal Visual Culture Program, the Faculties of Liberal Studies and Design as well as Graduate Studies.

Please note: Beginning in 2012/2013 students accepted to the Faculty of Art will be admitted either to the Drawing & Painting Program or to the general First-Year Program. Students in the general First-Year Program will select their major during their first year of study. There are a limited number of spaces in all programs.

First-Year Art - Major Program Request

First-year general Art students are required to complete and submit a Major/Program Request form to the Office of the Registrar. Space may be limited and is assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

First-year general Art students may apply to transfer to Material Art & Design effective winter semester (January). A Material Art & Design Program Request form must be completed and submitted to the Faculty of Design office, 230 Richmond St. W., 9th Floor (Suite 910).

What You’ll Do in the Program

Year 1 – Level 1000 Requirements
  • GART-1004 Colour Exploration
  • GART-1005 Form and Structure (Art)
  • GART-1006 Time-Based Media
  • GART-1040 Drawing Across Disciplines (WAC)*
  • VISC-1001 Global Vis & Mat Cult: to 1800
  • VISC-1002 Global Vis & Mat Cult: to Pres

Choose ONE of the following courses:

  • ENGL-1003 The Essay & the Argument OR
  • ENGL-1004 The Essay & the Argument-ESL

Choose TWO of the following elective courses**:

  • GART-1003 Social Change & Technology
  • GART-1010 Body & Technology
  • GART-1013 Art & Design in the Social Sp
  • GART-1014 Sculpture Concepts
  • GART-1015 Painting: Research & Process
  • GART-1016 Drawing Processes
  • GART-1017 Urban Impressions: Printmaking
  • GART-1018 Wearable Art
  • GART-1019 Process of Digital Printmaking
  • GART-1020 Creative Process: MAAD
  • GART-1021 Photographic Possibilities
  • GART-1023 Narrative Drawing
  • GART-1024 Narrative Media
  • GART-1025 Photographic Narratives
  • GART-1027 Painting & Moving Images
  • GART-1028 Drawing Nature and Culture
  • GART-1029 Nature & Culture: Painting
  • GART-1030 Curating: Nature & Culture
  • GART-1031 Nature & Culture: Multidiscip
  • GART-1032 Site & Intervention
  • GART-1033 Drawing As Installation
  • GART-1034 Media on Location
  • GART-1035 Street As Site: Sculpture
  • GART-1036 Art & Code
  • GART-1037 Creative Musical Instruments
  • GART-1038 Paper Cut-Outs & 3D Pop-Ups
  • INTM-2006 Animation Fundamentals
  • INTM-2016 3D Modeling & Animation 1
  • IVCA-1001 Indigenous Sculpt Strategies

Focus courses are second-year courses designated for first-year students. They allow students to experience courses from different program areas at the second-year level, with first-year classmates. Students may choose one Focus course in place of an elective.

  • CRCP-2002 Museums, Galleries, Alternates (Section TBD)
  • DRPT-2006 Figurative Drawing (Section TBD)
  • INTM-2004 Sonic Arts (Section TBD)
  • INTM-2014 The Moving Image: Production I (Section TBD)
  • PHOT-2002 B&W Camera & Darkroom (Section TBD)

Total Credits: 5.0

* This Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) course is part of an initiative to support students in their disciplinary writing.

** The following courses are additional approved electives. Registration is subject to space availability after the end of the priority registration period: DIGF-1001 Digital Models + Fabrication; DIGF-1002 CrossDisciplinary Collaboration; DIGF-1007 Intro to Game Design; DIGF-2002 Physical Computing. With permission of the Program, Chair, Indigenous Visual Culture, students may also select INVC-1001 Indigenous Art: Mat & Methods. Contact the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences/School of Interdisciplinary Studies to request permission to access this course.

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