Financial Services and Insurance


Program Description

Helping people: This is the reason for insurance and financial services.

Upstream, brokers , agents and planners who advise clients by offering products tailored to their financial and family situation to help them achieve their financial goals or to get flawless protection in the event of a hard time. In the field, claims adjusters who move to the scene of the tragedy, take matters into their own hands and conduct their investigation . Behind them, subscribers , who master the statistics , study the files and act as a resource to their colleagues.

At the heart of everything: the customers. Families, businesses, yoga schools, restaurants, festivals; a phenomenal diversity . Impossible to be bored!

What do we learn?

  • Concepts of accounting, taxation and law
  • How to analyze the customer's needs and objectives and how to present them the best product
  • How to understand the different options of insurance and financial products
  • Representation, sales and customer service
  • The functioning of the acceptance or rejection of contract proposals
  • Investigations, settlement and follow-up of complaints
  • The basics of financial planning

Is this program right for you?

  • You have good communication skills and a good sense of organization.
  • You have a good capacity for analysis, synthesis and listening.
  • You like to use concrete and reliable data when you have to make decisions.
  • You want to continue to train throughout your career.
  • You like to understand things and explain them to others afterwards.
  • You want a stable job and good prospects for advancement.

"I help and advise"

Why choose Lévis-Lauzon?

  • 1st CEGEP to offer 2 business English courses using an online learning platform (Ellicom -D3A-) provided by local businesses.
  • Solid training in three areas of expertise for versatility in the job market: Damages Insurance, Personal Insurance, Financial Services
  • "Speed dating" of the job allowing students to talk to future employers and to obtain work placements in SED.
  • Possibility of three internships, one per year of study, including preparation by simulations of interviews.
  • Access to computerized laboratories equipped with software used in current practice (Strategis, CompuQuote).
  • The use of an online learning platform (Ellicom D3A) provided by local businesses for business English courses.
  • The Cégep Foundation gives a $ 500 Desjardins Insurance Scholarship to a 1st or 2nd year student wishing to live an immersion in an anglophone environment during the summer season.
  • Core curriculum for 1st year courses: The program was organized so that the 1st year of the Insurance and Financial Services and Accounting and Management Techniques programs is equivalent. Thus, a student who enters one of these two programs can change for the other by getting recognized the first year of the new program chosen.

Course Grid

Session 1

  • 109-102-MQ Physical Activity and Effectiveness
  • 601-101-MQ Writing and literature
  • ANG-COM-MQ English 1
  • 410-1A3-LL Marketing and Customer Service
  • 410-8A4-LL Accounting Information I
  • 410-9A4-LL Careers in the financial community
  • 420-1A3-LL Introduction to Management Informatics

Session 2

  • 109-101-MQ Physical activity and health
  • 340-101-MQ Philosophy and Rationality
  • 601-102-MQ Literature and Imagination
  • ANG-PRT-MQ Technical English
  • 410-1B4-LL Financial decisions
  • 410-3B4-LL Taxation and Investment Service
  • 410-7B3-LL Business Law
  • 410-8B3-LL Accounting II

Session 3

  • 109-103-MQ Physical Activity and Independence
  • 383-1C4-LL Economic environment
  • 410-2C4-LL Management Tools and Entrepreneurship
  • 410-2C5-LL Auto Insurance and English
  • 410-3C5-LL Home and Building Insurance
  • 410-7C3-LL Legal Information II
  • 410-7C4-LL Financial Analysis of Individuals

Session 4

  • 340-102-MQ The human being
  • 601-103-MQ Quebec literature
  • COM-001-03 Complementary Course 1
  • 410-2D5-LL Financial Advice and Services
  • 410-9D4-LL Internship in Financial Consulting I
  • 410-9F4-LL Investment and Financial Products
  • 410-CD3-LL Financial Analysis of Businesses

Session 5

  • 340-PPR-LL Ethics and Politics

Choice of 1 out of 2

  • 601-FPR-LL Literature and communication
  • 601-FTU-LL Tutoring in French
  • COM-002-03 Complementary Course 2
  • 201-1E5-LL Statistics
  • 410-2E5-LL Tax and Portfolio Planning
  • 410-8E3-LL Business Insurance I
  • 410-AE4-LL Life Insurance Programs

Session 6

  • 410-4E3-LL Underwriting a Risk
  • 410-7F4-LL Financial Planning Process
  • 410-9F3-LL Disaster Settlement
  • 410-AF3-LL Property and Casualty Insurance II
  • 410-BF4-LL Financial Consultant Internship II
  • 410-GF4-LL Group insurance and annuities

Trend of placement of graduates

  • A shortage of candidates
  • The majority of graduates pursue university studies

Market requirements

  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to communicate
  • English an asset
  • Passing the AMF examinations necessary for the practice of certain professions

Conditions of admission

Meet the requirements for admission to college

Have passed the following high school prerequisites:

  • Mathematics: Culture, Society and Technology 4th
  • or Mathematics 068-436

Prerequisites for registration to a DEC BAC

Laval University :

  • Mathematics: Technico-sciences 5th or Natural Sciences 5th
  • or Mathematics 068-526


  • For the BRIDGE with the bachelor's degree in Administration, please consult the University's website and the Cégep's Orientation Service to find out more about the university prerequisites.

Work Environments

  • Banks, trusts, caisses
  • Offices of Financial Security Advisors
  • Offices of insurance representatives
  • Law Enforcement Firms
  • Private firms of personal financial planning
  • Government agencies (CARRA, RAMQ, SAAQ, CSST, Ministry of Revenue, etc.)
  • Securities Brokerage Companies
  • Life and health insurance companies
  • Investment fund companies
  • Careers in property and casualty insurance: agent and broker, underwriter, claims adjuster, etc.
  • Careers in life and health insurance: Financial Security Advisor, Disability Examiner, Risk Selection Technician, etc.
  • Careers in Financial Services: Member Services Advisor, Personal Finance, Securities, Financial Planner (DEC-BAC), etc.

Investment rate and salary *

  • In related employment: 96%
  • Average initial hourly wage: $ 19.74
  • Average initial annual salary: $ 35,932

* Source: Provincial renewal of college technical training, 2016 survey

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Le Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon (CLL) est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur public offrant 31 programmes d’études de haute qualité, tant préuniversitaires que techniques.

Le Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon (CLL) est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur public offrant 31 programmes d’études de haute qualité, tant préuniversitaires que techniques. Read less